50 women from the regions of Coquimbo and Biobío will participate in the second version of the Despega Mujer program of Fundación Luksic

1 •  October •  2021
  • The program provides academic support through classes, mentoring and learning circles, as well as economic support, equivalent to $2 million for each entrepreneur.

To provide comprehensive support with a gender focus to women entrepreneurs who show great potential to continue growing. This is the objective of “Despega Mujer” program of Fundación Luksic, which for its second version selected 50 women from the regions of Coquimbo and Biobío. 

The winners will receive capital of $2 million to invest in their businesses, which will be complemented with training workshops, learning circles to learn about the experience of other entrepreneurs, and mentoring focused on strengthening the management of each project, according to their specific needs. Marketing, financial management, efficient use of money, organization and new sales strategies are some of the areas to be addressed. 

“Through this program we want to offer tools and knowledge to women entrepreneurs from all over the country, so that their businesses can continue to strengthen and grow. Especially because we know that the Covid-19 health crisis has affected them greatly, and today more than ever they need support to move forward with their dreams and goals,” explained Paola Luksic, president of the Fundación Luksic.

In addition, during the welcome ceremony, which was held online, Susana Navarrete, winner entrepreneur of the first version of Despega Mujer, developed during the first semester, participated and explained her experience with the program and delivered a motivational message for all of them. 

“In the wake of the social outbreak and the pandemic, I had my workshop at a standstill. But thanks to the program, in just three months, I have had a radical change in my life. My workshop, where I make clothes, is now fully equipped, and I feel very empowered. Everything you want, you can achieve”, said Susana, entrepreneur of the first version of Despega Mujer, who also highlighted the fundamental support of mentoring for her growth. 

For this second cycle, Banigualdad and Fondo Esperanza were in charge of inviting their entrepreneurs to apply. The selection process for the 50 winners, which took place during August and September, was carried out by Corporación Simón de Cirene, Corporación Construyendo Mis Sueños and Fundación Luksic. 

A total of 76% of the winners have had their businesses for more than three years and belong mainly to the food, commerce and services sectors. As for formalization, 52% of them are formalized, while 36% plan to formalize their businesses. 

“I am sure that all the entrepreneurs will take advantage of this new opportunity to continue growing their businesses. We are very grateful to be able to work together with Fundación Luksic to be able to continue promoting female entrepreneurship, which needs so much support,” explained Héctor Feeley, general manager of Fundación Banigualdad. 

From Fondo Esperanza, Karina Gómez, Commercial and Social Manager of Fondo Esperanza, said that “the winners will receive mentoring, training and financing that will enable their businesses to take a significant leap forward by acquiring tools and inputs that previously required a great deal of time and effort. We are confident that this initiative, Despega Mujer, will enable women entrepreneurs to increase their productivity, build collaborative networks and gain valuable new knowledge for the sustainability of their ventures”.

The 50 women selected come from four municipalities in the Coquimbo Region: Coquimbo, La Serena, Ovalle and Paihuano in the Coquimbo Region; and 17 in the Biobío Region, including Tirúa, Lebu, Quilleco, Cañete and Hualpén, among others.