Winners of the third version of Impulso Chileno successfully complete their classes

02 •  July •  2021

After six months of classes, taught through the Catholic University’s School of Management, the 100 winners of Impulso Chileno 2020 finished their classes, where they addressed different topics to boost the growth of their businesses.

“It exceeded all my expectations. The classes were very important to organize ourselves, do things right and boost our businesses. For example, thanks to the marketing and social media content we acquired, we have attracted more clients”, with these words Hugo Romero, winner of Impulso Chileno with his business “Picamadero muebles”, tells of his experience with the classes, which due to the pandemic, were held online. 

In total there were eight sessions plus a workshop, where 10 experts from different areas shared with the entrepreneurs and transmitted their knowledge so that they could achieve their goals. For better organization and content development, the 100 winners were divided into two groups. 

“We developed the classes according to the needs and concerns of the entrepreneurs. For example, we applied surveys before and after the sessions to get feedback and know what content to reinforce. We also divided the winners into two groups so that everyone had the opportunity and space to participate and learn,” explained Paula Broitman, director and professor at the Universidad Católica School of Management, who also described the entrepreneurs as people “very motivated and committed to their studies in order to move their businesses forward”. 

Cristián Schalper, director of the Entrepreneurship area of the Fundación Luksic, affirmed that “training is fundamental for the development of an enterprise, since it provides tools to the entrepreneurs that allow them to increase their productivity, improve their management and generate greater profitability in their businesses”.

The subjects covered were divided into: entrepreneurship methodology, financial accounting, financial management, business model and customer rights, marketing and sales, value proposition and communication of the proposal, business growth and legal aspects. Finally, the cycle of classes culminated with a workshop that addressed the main elements of digital marketing. 

For Claudio Guzmán, professor of Marketing, this instance was an enriching experience. “It is incredible to see the interest and passion of entrepreneurs to transform their businesses and move forward. For my part, I am happy to have contributed with my knowledge, focused mainly on marketing strategies, brand positioning and creation of a value proposition, among others,” said Guzmán. 

The 100 winners of this edition received between $3 and $5 million to finance their ventures, six months of classes with experts from the School of Management of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and mentoring from Corporación Simón de Cirene. 

“The training and mentoring were fundamental in helping us realize that we are capable of more, of setting new goals and dreams for the growth of our businesses,” said Ana Paola Pérez, winner of Impulso Chileno, who runs a grocery store and fast food business. In addition, Perez added that “all the classes were very good, as were the teachers. What I have implemented the most are marketing tools, since as a result of the pandemic, we must be present in the digital world”.