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Impulso Deportivo


Creating opportunities that promote sports in Chile

Impulso Deportivo is a program of the Sports area of the Luksic Foundation that supports non-profit organizations and athletes who need a boost to achieve their goals.

Creating opportunities that promote sports in Chile
What we do

What we do

We support athletes and sports organizations from all over Chile through concrete contributions, such as sports equipment and clothing, which allow them to achieve their goals and develop their full potential.

How we do it

How we do it

We receive and evaluate applications throughout the year to provide support, according to the characteristics and challenges of each organization or athlete.


Types of support

Although each case is analyzed individually, the focus of the assistance provided by Impulso Deportivo is on equipment, clothing, registration for competitions and materials for small infrastructure projects. In no case does the program provide money, loans and/or credit of any kind.

Requirements for sports organizations

  • Be a non-profit organization.
  • To have a valid legal personality, or in its absence, the certificate of sports organization issued by the National Sports Institute (Instituto Nacional del Deporte).
  • Have at least two years of verifiable operation prior to application.

Requirements for individual athletes

  • To have a demonstrable sports career.
  • To train and participate in competitions on a regular basis.
  • In the case of athletes who are in training, they must have a valid Social Household Registration Card (Registro Social de Hogares).

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