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Servicio Jesuita a Migrantes


Integral support

Convinced of the contribution that migrants mean to Chile, at Fundación Luksic we are working together with the Serivicio Jesuita Migrante (SJM) on an integral territorial support plan for migrant families in highly vulnerable situations. We believe it is essential to promote and protect the dignity and human rights of migrants and refugees, especially in times of crisis.


Integral support

Breaking down prejuices


The plan we worked on with the SJM contemplated different areas of action: socio-legal assistance, humanitarian aid, support for children, promotion of income generation and contributions to the prevention of prejudice. Based on this, we supported the MigrApp application, thanks to which the SJM attended more than 10 thousand inquiries, 45.5% of which were related to the immigration regularization process. In the face of the crisis generated by Covid-19, basic food baskets, tablets with broadband connection and rent subsidies were delivered to different migrant families.  Another initiative that was carried out based on the work with the SJM and with the support of different entities, was the launching of an awareness campaign to break down social prejudices, called “La Mesa de Todos”, a micro documentary series that brought together 8 people of different nationalities with a chef to cook an appetizer, main course and dessert.


Socio-legal assistance consultations for migrants were carried out through MigrAPP


Migrant families received basic food baskets and rental subsidies


People of different nationalities sat down to cook together for the campaign “La Mesa de Todos” (Everyone’s Table).

Other initiatives