5 tips for adapting to hybrid classes

5 •  Mar •  2021

March has arrived and along with it, the beginning of the 2021 school year that brings the possibility and hope of returning to school, after a year where the pandemic forced the closure of schools and led to transform our homes into classrooms. For this new return, educational establishments have the possibility of mixing classroom and distance classes in a hybrid mode, leaving the voluntary return to school to the families’ choice.


But… What is the hybrid mode? In this teaching model, the aim is to combine face-to-face sessions, where students can exchange opinions and reinforce their knowledge with their teachers or classmates, plus virtual sessions for autonomous learning. In this model, digital platforms are used where students can find material according to their corresponding subjects.

With this new normality in place, young people may have some doubts about how to deal with classes and therefore, in Destacados Educación we recommend some tips so you can merge your energies, both for the online and face-to-face mode.

  • Organize your timeIt is key that you can establish a defined schedule during your week to attend classes, as well as to complete your homework. Organize your days in a monthly agenda where you can write down everything you have to do and deliver per subject. This way, there will be nothing you can forget and you will have more order regarding your work. Don’t forget to check your notebook every morning!
  • Keep an orderly spaceIn order to motivate your study, try to keep your spaces as clean and tidy as possible. Before you show up for your online classes, remember to have your pencils and notebooks as close as possible to take notes. Try to have everything at hand so you won’t be interrupted!

In the case of face-to-face classes, don’t forget to bring a spare mask, alcohol gel and gloves in your backpack if necessary. Remember that you will not be able to share your school supplies with others, so make sure you bring everything you need to school.

  • Distractions

Cell phones can be a great distraction, so when you are present in a class, avoid checking your phone frequently and try to keep it on silent. In the case of the browser, try not to open other tabs that are not related to the subject you are studying.

To help students, there are some apps and extensions that help them concentrate when studying. For example, there is Focus Lock, an application available in the Play Store that allows you to block the most distracting applications and disable notifications. For the computer, there is the Google Chrome extension called Pomodoro Timer, which helps you block pages to better optimize your study time and make you more productive.

  • Prepare a healthy routine

After the summer and the vacations, getting back into the March routine can be a bit tedious. The hours of sleep are no longer the same, so, in order to perform well in the school period, and according to the recommendation of experts, it is very important to set a sleep schedule of about 8 hours a day. In this way, a good rest will allow you to have a better memory and greater motivation, which will have a positive impact on your learning.

On the other hand, a good diet based on fruits and vegetables, among other products, will help you perform better in your homework. Try to keep your meals or snacks out of class hours so that they do not interfere with your normal development.


In online mode, do not neglect your social life and continue to take care of yourself in face-to-face classes.

For some, the confinement and not seeing classmates was not easy, often causing anxiety and anguish. That is why, on home study days, we recommend you not to lose contact with your classmates. A WhatsApp group or a study meeting through an app, can be a good option.

Also, we know you miss your friends and want to get to know those who have recently joined your course. However, for now when you attend school, social distance should still be maintained. The recommendation is to maintain a separation of at least one meter, always using a mask and alcohol gel.

In this way, everyone will be protected.

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