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Luksic Scholarship: More women in STEM


Luksic Scholarship: More women in STEM

The Luksic Scholarship: More Women in STEM is a discretionary scholarship aimed at women studying STEM technical careers (those related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), at the higher education level, with a duration of up to five semesters.


Luksic Scholarship: More women in STEM

The objective of the Luksic Scholarship is to support the academic process of women studying higher-level technical careers (traditionally “masculinized”), through financial assistance that facilitates their continuation of studies, allowing them timely graduation.

Why promote female participation in STEM? Currently, there is a significant gender gap in these fields, with only 3 out of every 10 students being women. Zooming into the technical-professional world, the situation is even more critical: in Chile, there are approximately 50,000 people studying higher-level STEM technical careers, and only 12% of them are women.

According to UN Women, STEM careers offer greater and better job opportunities, competitive salaries, and develop fundamental skills for the workforce of the future.

The benefits of the scholarship will be valid until the formal duration period of the degree or until the graduation date or equivalent instance, which must be accredited by a document issued by the higher education institution to which the selected student belongs.

In this first version, 100 women enrolled in higher education institutions INACAP, Duoc UC, AIEP, and CFT-IP Santo Tomás, whether in their first year or in higher-level courses, will be selected.

In parallel with the Scholarships, we launched the campaign and website “Mujeres que todo lo pueden”, with which we aim to showcase influential women in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). We want to provide a platform for close and real testimonies that can inspire other women, gather various initiatives and opportunities for women in STEM careers in one space.


is the total number of scholarships distributed among the mentioned higher education institutions (INACAP, Duoc UC, AIEP, and CFT-IP Santo Tomás).


is the monthly scholarship amount.


Selected recipients will receive the scholarship for 10 months a year (between March and December during the formal duration of their careers).

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