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Aspiraciones Sobre el Futuro


Advocating for the continuity of studies

Aspiraciones Sobre el Futuro seeks to determine the motivations, expectations, and barriers faced by technical and vocational high school students when it comes to continuing their studies in higher education. This will be achieved through the implementation of a survey among students in the fourth year of high school.


Advocating for the continuity of studies

Based on the information gathered in this survey, two products were designed and created for each participating institution, one aimed at students and the other at school leadership teams.

Firstly, personalized informative sets were provided to all fourth-year students in participating institutions, containing useful and practical information about careers, processes for accessing higher education, and student benefits. Each informative set included:

  1. A calendar with key dates for admission and application processes to higher education.
  2. An informational booklet outlining the benefits of continuing studies, differences between careers and institutions, a step-by-step guide to entering higher education, and requirements for accessing free education, scholarships, or loans.
  3. A personalized letter with relevant information about each student’s areas of interest.

Additionally, the program delivers a personalized report to each institution, both in physical and digital formats, containing the main survey results and general recommendations on how to support students as they approach the end of their school stage. The objective is for this report to serve as a tool for the institution to make evidence-based decisions.


Senior students from a technical and vocational institution participated in the program in the year 2023.


Students have participated in the program since its inception.


Technical and Vocational High Schools have registered for ASF.

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