Gestión Social

Supporting dreams and opportunities

We want to be a support for those who work with determination to fulfill their goals and projects, but need a little boost to achieve them. Our contributions are concrete and are focused mainly in the areas of entrepreneurship and sports.

Supporting dreams and opportunities
What we do

What we do

Since 2018, the Impulso Inicial program has been working to respond to the requests received by the Luksic family through its social networks and other communication channels. Our contributions are for entrepreneurs or athletes and are always delivered  in a concrete and direct way. For example, in entrepreneurship we provide tools, small machinery, raw materials or infrastructure; and in sports, sports equipment and clothing, plane tickets and registration fees for competitions

How we work

How we work

In the Gestión Social team we evaluate the requests that arrive daily  on a case-by-case basis.  Always on the lookout for the best way to support people and non-profit organizations that write to us.

Social Work

Our work in figures

Since its creation, the program has completed more than six thousand cases, supporting people from all regions of Chile. Impulso Inicial continues to grow and focus its contributions to deliver concrete support.


Completed cases in 2021.


Of our beneficiaries are from regions other than the Región Metropolitana.


Of the supported cases are women