52% of Chile's TP high schools will participate in Aspirations Sobre el Futuro 2023

25 •  Apr •  2023

The program, promoted by the Luksic Foundation, seeks to provide useful and practical information on student benefits and the 2024 higher education admission process, which will benefit more than 55,800 high school students throughout the country.

A total of 487 technical-professional high schools (TP) enrolled and more than 55,800 high school students benefited. These are some of the figures that emerge from the registration process for Aspirations for the Future (ASF) 2023, an initiative promoted by MueveTP of the Luksic Foundation, which seeks to detect the motivations and barriers faced by students in secondary vocational education when it comes to entering higher education, and which this year will be present in the 16 regions of the country.

After four weeks of registration, the participation of the establishments reached 52%, far exceeding the number reached in 2022, version in which 357 high schools participated.

María Fernanda Orellana, director of the Luksic Foundation’s Education area, noted that “we are pleased to be able to reach more schools through this initiative, which beyond the collection of information, aims to support students in making informed decisions about their future, providing them with useful and practical information that will allow them to learn about the opportunities available to continue their higher education studies”.

Along the same lines, Orellana highlighted that “this year we noticed an increase in the levels of participation and retention of the high schools that participated in 2022 in all regions of the country, which indicates that ASF is a project that really has a positive effect on students and that makes sense to the educational communities”.

Through this initiative, each participating student will receive a personalized letter with details about their career interests, employability rate, average income and the actual length of study programs, as well as practical information about the 2024 admissions process. Meanwhile, the high schools will receive a report with the results obtained by their students and recommendations to strengthen the continuity of studies in their educational communities.

Next steps

After the enrollment period, during April a survey will be applied to high school students in each high school to determine their level of knowledge regarding the system of access to higher education and student benefits, as well as their vocational interests. The results obtained from this process will allow the collection of personalized information for each student, as well as a report for each school, which will be delivered during the return from winter vacation.