¿Ya tienes regalo para esta Navidad? Conoce 50 emprendimientos chilenos que ofrecen productos hechos a mano

16 •  dic •  2022

Christmas and the end-of-year holidays are a special time to spend time with our loved ones, share what we have learned during the year and give loving gifts. That spirit makes this the perfect time to support entrepreneurships from all over the country that offer original products made with love.

Handmade furniture and children’s toys, personalized diaries, sheep wool slippers, Easter bread, decorated cookies and illustrated decorative products are part of the Christmas 2022 Catalog of the Luksic Foundation’s Entrepreneurship area, which is available at www.fundacionluksic.cl, and shows the work of 50 Chilean entrepreneurs, winners of various programs of the foundation, who stand out for their creativity, talent and dedication in their businesses.

Custom handmade furniture from Arica

Victor Tapia inherited from his German ancestors a passion for woodworking and carpentry. The entrepreneur from Arica has been dedicated from a very young age to the manufacture of furniture and all kinds of original products, which today he offers in his business, Comercial Wirth.

For this Christmas, one of his outstanding products are the personalized organizers. These are small shelves designed for desks or nightstands that have several sections ideal for organizing pencils, highlighters, post-it notes, headphones and whatever you want. In addition to the wide variety of colors, the products can also be personalized with the name of the person to whom we are going to give it.

This option can be excellent for school children or college students. You can learn more about their products on their Facebook page.

Beauty and aromatherapy products in Coquimbo

Inspired by the benefits of natural ingredients, Flavia Milla, is dedicated to create in her enterprise Amarantany products for personal use, such as soaps, creams, lip balms, oils and bath bombs. All made in a sustainable way and based on aromatherapy.

Among the ingredients used are coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, cocoa, calendula and aloe vera, which can help different skin types and conditions such as acne and dry skin. In addition, through aromatherapy its products are also focused on helping to relieve stress, improve sleep and aid relaxation. It delivers to all regions of the country.

Chile’s flora and fauna from the Metropolitan Region  

Through its beautiful illustrated products, people will feel like they are traveling through Chile. In Tienda Bendito you can find from pictures and plates to frame, bottles and enameled bowls, jewelry, cushions and notebooks that capture the beauty of Patagonia, the Valdivian rainforest, the arid north, and the Chilean flora and fauna. With this enterprise you can give originality and a perfect decorative touch for your loved ones.

On its website you can buy and ship to all of Chile. In the Metropolitan Region shipments are made in just three hours according to communes and its physical store is located in the Drugstore, local 9A, Providencia. Also, you can find them in Cornershop as “Bendito”.

 Reinsertion and recycling from the Region of O’Higgins

This SME was created as a social project to support the reinsertion and training of prison inmates in the country’s prisons. The products are made from recycled native wood and are for gourmet and decorative use.

To buy, you must enter the shopping cart at www.raiznativo.cl; and if you have any questions, you can write to the online chat of the page, which is answered by its owner. Some of their star products are the appetizer and meat boards, the bowls, trays, and stone plates that will make you look great either at Christmas dinner, or with your secret friend. We invite you to browse their Instagram and find the discount codes for this Christmas!

Sheep wool products from La Araucanía

From Villarrica, the entrepreneur Patricio Toledo manufactures in his business ovejita.cl slippers, hats, collars, aprons and other beautiful creations made with leather and wool from sheep from southern Chile, which he sends throughout the country and also abroad.

His enterprise stands out for its leather tanning process, which allows him to create high quality and long-lasting products, which also have no odors or cracks, and can be machine washed and dried. In addition, all the raw materials it uses come from ecological and environmentally friendly farms in the Magallanes Region. More photos of their products can be found on their Facebook page.

Christmas Catalog

We invite you to review the Christmas Catalog of Luksic Foundation 2022, where you can find these and other 45 enterprises in the country to surprise our loved ones this holiday season. You can download it here.

This Christmas, prefer meaningful gifts: give PYMEs!