Amelias: the calameña library that reinvented itself to overcome the pandemic

14 •  September •  2021
  • In the midst of the social outbreak, Patricia decided to become an entrepreneur. She knew it was a risk, but she was willing to take it. Today her library is reinventing itself in the midst of the pandemic to continue boosting her business.

Amelia’s library is located in the middle of Grau Avenue in Calama, the city of copper. A small but cozy shop that offers a wide range of products in its windows to the residents of the Antofagasta Region.

In January 2020, Patricia Lima installed in without hesitation. She did not have much knowledge about how to manage a business, but her husband, with his unconditional support, pushed her to make her dream come true.

“I didn’t know much about school supplies, but I did know that there was a gap in this area that needed to be filled. There were bakeries, minimarkets and greengrocers around, but nothing like this. In our first purchase, what we brought most of all were compasses. They are stored in the warehouse”, says the entrepreneur with a laugh.

Everything was going well until months later when the pandemic arrived and forced her to close the store several times, however, at that time, Patricia was already one of the 100 winners of the third version of the Impulso Chileno, program of the Fundación Luksic, which since 2018 supports entrepreneurs with funding and academic support to promote the development of their businesses.

“I found out about the competition from my sister. I considered myself paid if I was among the 400 semifinalists, but my surprise was greater when I learned that I continued advancing in the process and was finally selected. I knew I was going to learn a lot and I did,” says Patricia.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the program was developed entirely online, but this was not an impediment to transfer and acquire new knowledge. With the classes and mentoring Patricia learned how to correctly manage the finances of the business, identify the products she should have in her library and make monthly balance sheets to know the state of Amelia’s.

“Without a doubt the economic support is important, but without the support of the teachers and mentors nothing would be the same. I am very grateful to them. All very good professionals and with a great vocation to teach. Thanks to all the learning during these months, my sales have increased,” Patricia explains.

At Amelia’s, named in memory of Patricia’s mother-in-law, Calameños, in addition to buying school supplies, can print, photocopy, make copies of keys and find birthday items, among other things.

Also, as a result of the pandemic and what was learned in classes, Patricia incorporated technological products related to online studies, such as different models of headphones and microphones, into her shelves. “My supplier for these new items is another entrepreneur from Impulso Chileno. It is nice to see how a network of support and contact is formed thanks to the program,” comments Patricia, who dreams and works daily to open a branch in another part of the commune.

The Fundación Luksic is working on the development of the fourth version of the program, with the aim of continuing to support entrepreneurs from all regions of the country who need a boost for the growth of their businesses. All news about the contest will be published on the websites and