Andrés Guillén, scholar at Sciences Po University in France: "The elaboration of better public policies is something I would like to participate in"

29 •  Oct •  2020

On September 10, Andreas Guillén landed in France to begin his studies in Social Sciences at the prestigious Sciences Po University. The 19-year-old chilean from the Maule Region is a beneficiary of the “Sciences Po Quiñenco Scholarship for Chile” program, which will allow him to study abroad for 5 years.

“Sciences Po Quiñenco Scholarship for Chile” is a program that is part of the initiatives of the Luksic Scholars Foundation, program of Luksic Foundation that brings together more than 1,500 beneficiaries in programs and scholarships around the world.  The scholarship allows a chilean high school graduate to study undergraduate and graduate studies at that university and covers all tuition and living expenses during the five years of the academic program.

It was in 2019 when this former student of the National Institute learned about the possibility of a scholarship aimed at young chileans, so they could study at one of the most prestigious institutions in Europe. “I had never heard of Sciences Po, but I knew immediately that theirs was the perfect program: a scholarship to study Political Science at one of the best universities in France,” Guillén recalls.

“This experience will give me vast tools and knowledge to be able to address the political, social and cultural issues that I will be analyzing in my academic, professional and personal life; the development of better public policies or the exhaustive analysis of contingent issues are instances in which I would definitely like to participate”, says Guillén about his expectations of this scholarship.

Today Andreas is based in Poitiers, a city of university tradition with nearly 90,000 inhabitants located in the heart of France, where he will study for the next two years. He will then study for a year in a country other than France and Chile, and then finish his studies in Paris for two years. The student arrived in Europe shortly before the first outbreaks of the coronavirus began to be reported. However, Andreas is already studying with a curriculum that combines face-to-face and remote classes.