Aspirations on the Future of MueveTP opens registrations to support schools in promoting continuity of education

30 •  March •  2022
  • The initiative, aimed at all professional technical schools in Chile, seeks to determine the expectations and barriers that high school students have regarding access to higher education. It also provides recommendations to address these obstacles and promote continuity of studies.

Registration is open until April 30 for Aspirations for the Future, an initiative of the Luksic Foundation’s MueveTP program, whose main objective is to determine the motivations and expectations of students in secondary technical-professional education (TP) with respect to entering higher education.

This is the second version of this project, which in its first edition had the participation of nearly 200 schools in the regions of Valparaíso, O’Higgins and Metropolitan. The schools that participated during 2021 will receive in April and May of this year a report with guidelines that will allow them to promote the continuity of their students’ studies. For this year, the challenge is that all schools in Chile can participate.

Benefits for students and schools

MueveTP seeks to promote the continuity of studies of high school students in order to improve their opportunities and life trajectories. The Aspirations for the Future program seeks to understand the factors that determine students’ decisions on whether or not to continue studying, and to share these results with the educational communities.

Along these lines, students participating in the program will receive relevant information on access to higher education in two formats:

  • Personalized letter: it will contain individual information for each student about careers of interest, employability rate, average income and the actual length of study programs. This is essential information for young people and their families to make well-informed decisions.
  • Information brochure: a document with useful and practical information about the higher education admissions process. It includes a calendar with key dates to apply for student benefits, such as Gratuidad, and recommendations for choosing a quality higher education institution.

In addition, all schools that participate in the MueveTP program will receive a detailed report with the general results obtained in the survey, along with a series of specific recommendations that will help to promote the continuity of studies of thousands of young people in technical and vocational secondary education.

How to participate? 

All schools must complete a registration form, in which they state their intention to participate in the program. To access the form, go to the following link:

Once registered, the MueveTP team will contact each school to apply a survey that will measure the aspirations and expectations of students about their future, as well as their knowledge about access, application and state benefits offered in the higher education system.

To resolve doubts and receive assistance on the enrollment process, establishments can write directly to the e-mail [email protected].