Colabora 2023: 10 winning projects of the Luksic Foundation's competition fund in Calle Larga

22 •  may •  2023

A new stimulation room for children on the autism spectrum, a greenhouse to promote environmental care and cameras to reinforce community safety are among the winning initiatives.

The main objective of the Colabora 2023 Program is to strengthen the role played by Calle Larga’s social organizations in the community. The Luksic Foundation’s competitive fund provides support and financing to projects that take advantage of opportunities or identify challenges present in the community, granting them between $1,000,000 and $2,500,000 pesos to be executed.

This Saturday, May 20, through a community evaluation day held at the Pascual Baburizza Agricultural Institute, the more than 30 pre-selected organizations met to present their initiatives and then, together, evaluate and select the winners of Colabora 2023, whose projects will be implemented over the coming months in the commune.

Neighborhood councils, groups of parents, senior citizen clubs and a folkloric organization are among the winners of this second version of the competitive fund.

We invite you to see the complete list of projects that will be executed during this year and that seek to have a positive impact on the commune:

1 . Centro General de Padres y Apoderados Escuela FN 138 Víctor Köerner.
“Implementing our ASD room”.
Objective: To help and empower students diagnosed and with ASD traits, through the implementation of a stimulation room to enhance self-regulation, attention, concentration and spatial skills.

2. JJVVV Bien Común El Castillo in conjunction with JJVVV Sagrada Familia.
“Neighborhood security project.
Objective: Implementation of a security camera system and community alarms to reinforce security, in addition to training and a workshop on best practices.

3. Campos de Pocuro JJVV.
“Together for a safe village”.
Objective: install a dividing wall to close the unauthorized passage between Villa Campos de Pocuro and Villa Camilo Mori, which involves a series of risks for the community.

4. Los Copihue Calle Larga Mother Center in conjunction with JJVV Juan XXIII and La Campana.
“Repair of bathrooms at Juan XXIII.
Objective: Install bathrooms that have the optimal conditions for the neighborhood headquarters. Improve the current state of the faucets to avoid leaks, change the water and fixtures.

5. La Pampilla Senior Citizens Association in conjunction with JJVV La Pampilla.
“Improving the habitability of our senior citizens.
Objective: Install access ramps and widen the doors so that the headquarters used by both organizations is inclusive for the elderly and people with disabilities.

6. Centro General de Apoderados de Escuela de Lenguaje Voces del Valle.
“Educa Natura”.
Objective: To promote the care of the environment through a greenhouse that will promote the language and skills of the children who attend the school.

7. Nuestra Señora de las Nieves Senior Citizens Club.
“Incorporating new equipment for our activities”.
Objective: Improve the quality of internal and external activities through the acquisition of a bingo, heating, stove, speaker and first aid kit.

8. Caldera Nueva San Vicente Irrigation Committee.
“Installation of robotic solar camera with remote security recording.
Objective: To remotely monitor the behavior of the water flowing through the irrigation ditch, avoiding intervention and water loss, and improving irrigation times.

9. Campo Lindo Folkloric Group Cueca Club.
“Dressing of dancers”.
Objective: Acquire equipment and clothing that will allow the club to participate in more events open to the community, teach traditions through dance and provide members with appropriate clothing.

10. Sembrando Sueños de Calle Larga Group.
“Rincón de amor y sueños” (Corner of love and dreams).
Objective: To improve the quality of life of children on the autism spectrum or with Down Syndrome by providing a space with materials for stimulation, sensory and vocal therapies.