Collaborative "Choose Your Cause" campaign seeks to raise funds for 160 organizations affected by the Covid-19 crisis

13 •  julio •  2020

This Monday, July 13, through a live broadcast, the Movidos x Chile network and the International Festival of Social Innovation (fiiS), together with civil society organizations -including Fundación Luksic- launched the campaign “Choose your cause and move”, which seeks to raise funds to help more than 160 organizations affected by the crisis generated by the Covid-19.

Through the Movidos x Chile website, people who want to make their contributions will be able to choose among more than 60 causes, which group different organizations oriented to the same subject. Among them, there are some that help children, the elderly, health personnel, families in vulnerable contexts, people deprived of liberty, street people, migrants and people with different abilities, among others.

The executive director of the Community of Solidarity Organizations and representative of Movidos x Chile, Hans Rosenkranz, said that “this is a unique opportunity to democratize information and make visible the work and the real urgencies that civil society organizations have today. Since the pandemic began, they have tirelessly supported the people, families and communities for whom they work on a daily basis”. “With this initiative, we seek to take a big step, which will allow us to provide support to all sectors, in an articulated and collaborative manner,” he emphasized.

The creator of fiiS and director of CONECTA+fiiS, Noni Herzfeld, said that “when we all collaborate, the world changes and this is what we want to highlight with this initiative. A collaboration between Movidos and fiiS, where everyone will have the opportunity to choose their cause, move and support. We want to join wills and energies with the conviction that this will help many people in the face of this emergency”, he commented.

The “Choose your cause and move” campaign has the support of the Ministry of Social Development, the Community of Solidarity Organizations, which brings together more than 200 NGOs, BancoEstado and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), as well as Clickme and organizations such as Fundación Chile, Fundación Luksic, Fundación San Carlos de Maipo, among others.

The president of BancoEstado, Sebastián Sichel, said that “for us it is very important to be able to support a cause like this, which focuses on people and is so closely related to our historical social role”. “As a public bank, we are focused on helping millions of Chileans, who today need us more than ever, to get ahead, and initiatives such as these allow us to continue working along these lines,” he concluded.

The campaign will have a closing milestone on August 1 with an online festival open to the public, which will be broadcast through It will begin at 11:00 am, will last for 8 uninterrupted hours, and will include the participation of musicians such as Saiko, Pedro Piedra, Fernando Milagros and Cantando aprendo a hablar, among others.