23 •  sep •  2022

The director of the Entrepreneurship area of the Foundation has been linked to the world of entrepreneurship, both in his university years, as well as in his work experience, he even had his own SME. In this article he talks about the purposes of the area’s programs and the details of the fifth version of Impulso Chileno.

“Entrepreneurs are the engine of Chile”. Under this maxim, the Entrepreneurship area of Fundación Luksic works daily to perfect its three programs, which have as their main objective to boost business growth and personal development of entrepreneurs from all regions of the country.

Since 2018, Fundación Luksic, through its three programs: Impulso Chileno, Impulso Inicial and Despega Mujer, has supported more than 9,000 entrepreneurs throughout Chile. “The Entrepreneurship area aims to provide the necessary tools to bridge the gaps faced by traditional entrepreneurs in our country, with the objective of increasing their sales and chances of success so that they can have better life trajectories,” explains the area’s director, Cristián Schalper.

Schalper is a civil engineer graduated from the Catholic University and both in his university years and in his work experience, he has been linked to the world of entrepreneurship, even in the first person: “I had an experience in the technological world at the time when the startup movement was beginning in our country. After winning with some friends the JumpUC (entrepreneurship contest) in 2011, we spent three years trying to get our business off the ground, which made me understand all the difficulties faced at the time of entrepreneurship”.

He then spent five years working at the Chilean Association of Entrepreneurs, where he had the opportunity to visit different parts of the country, meeting hundreds of entrepreneurs, their experiences, strengths and challenges.

In 2020, he took over as director of the Entrepreneurship area of the Luksic Foundation: “I have had the opportunity to get even closer to the world of entrepreneurship and I am extremely grateful to all the entrepreneurs and their stories that I have been able to meet during this time, as they have allowed me to reaffirm that the purpose we pursue as a Foundation, to generate opportunities to support them in their development, is the right path”, says Schalper.

He explains that the Foundation carried out a study and detailed work to define and channel the focus of the different programs in the area, since it has become evident that there are different groups of entrepreneurs, who have different needs. “That is why we have programs designed for those who undertake out of necessity or opportunity, and also one designed (Despega Mujer) to meet the challenge of reducing the gender gap in this area,” says Schalper.

Impulso Chileno: financing and training

The area is currently working on the fifth version of Impulso Chileno, a program that opened its applications between October 3 and 17, and which already has more than 400 winners in its four versions. Aware of the impact of the pandemic, the stagnation of jobs and the difficult economic scenario, this year Impulso Chileno increased the total number of winners to 250 and the total fund to be distributed will be up to $1,250 million.

“The most valuable thing about Impulso Chileno is the complement that is generated between the three pillars of the program: financing, training and personalized mentoring. Indeed, having capital is necessary to be able to grow, but without the right support and knowledge, that investment may not generate the expected results, and this is something that is repeated in the testimonials we have received from the winners. I invite all men and women who are looking for a boost for their businesses to dare to apply for this fifth version.

You can review all the details of the fifth version of Impulso Chileno here.