Entrepreneurs supported by the Luksic Foundation gather in Punta Arenas

27 •  feb •  2024

To get to know each other, share their experiences on the entrepreneurial journey, and reflect on challenges such as formalization and digitization were the main objectives of the entrepreneurs’ meeting held in February in the Magallanes Region.

This is the first time I’ve participated in something like this, and I found it really good. I consider these spaces to be very beneficial, as they allow us to learn how other ventures work and exchange opinions,” describes entrepreneur Miguel Ángel Navarro from Puerto Natales, reflecting on the entrepreneurs’ meeting organized by the Luksic Foundation in mid-February in the Magallanes Region.

Men and women from different sectors of the region who have participated in one of the programs of the Luksic Foundation’s Entrepreneurship area, mainly Impulso Chileno and Impulso Inicial, attended the event.

Participants were able to share their experiences and talk a little more about their businesses. Miguel Ángel, winner of the sixth edition of Impulso Chileno, was one of the people who shared his testimony. The entrepreneur talked about the history and inspiration behind “Nikkei 21,” his venture dedicated to Japanese cuisine.

Another entrepreneur who shared her experience was Carol Salces, also a winner of the sixth edition of Impulso Chileno and owner of “Salvadent,” a business dedicated to repairing and maintaining medical and dental equipment in Punta Arenas, a service highly valued by companies and professionals in the area.

During the meeting, attendees were able to learn more about the programs developed by the Foundation in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Sports, and Education. Additionally, they discussed relevant topics for the entrepreneurial world, such as the challenges of formalization, gender gaps in this field, and digitalization.

“At Fundación Luksic, we highly value being able to share and connect with entrepreneurs from different regions of the country who are part of our programs. Each of them has an exciting and inspiring story to tell, and we believe in the value of them being able to build community, collaborate together, and build networks that drive entrepreneurship at a local level,” highlighted Cristián Schalper, Director of Entrepreneurship at Fundación Luksic.

This is one of five entrepreneurs’ meetings that Fundación Luksic has organized in the regions of Tarapacá, Ñuble, Los Lagos, Valparaíso, and Magallanes.