Entrepeneurs affected by the floods received support to rebuild their business

8 •  jul •  2024

From Arauco, Concepción, Curanilahue, San Pedro de la Paz, and 10 other communes in the Biobío region, more than twenty entrepreneurs will receive a gift card from the Luksic Foundation to reintegrate their businesses and/or repair their homes following the recent severe weather.

The frontal system that affected the central-southern zone of our country left more than 10,000 people homeless and thousands of homes destroyed. According to information provided by the National Disaster Prevention and Response Service (SENAPRED), the most affected region by this storm was Biobío.

Among those affected by this emergency are also entrepreneurs who lost work materials, machinery, merchandise, products, or suffered significant damage to their homes, businesses, and/or commercial premises.

One of them is Rumina Jofré from the commune of Arauco, who runs her printing workshop “Tienda de Rummy” from her home. The strong winds took part of her roof, and with the floods, she lost production materials as well as mattresses and appliances.

Rumina is one of the entrepreneurs who have participated in the Luksic Foundation’s programs: Impulso Inicial, Impulso Chileno, and Despega Mujer, and unfortunately, was affected by the storm. To support them, the Foundation provided the “Juntos Salimos Adelante” gift card for an amount of $300,000 pesos to purchase construction materials or food, depending on each entrepreneur’s needs.

“We especially want to support the entrepreneurs who have had a tough time these past weeks. We will be supporting 23 entrepreneurs from the Biobío Region, and we hope that with this support, they can lighten their load and gradually resume their activities to rise again with the strength and resilience that characterize them,” said Cristián Schalper, Director of Entrepreneurship at the Luksic Foundation, about the support.

“This support is magnificent, and for me, it’s not about the amount or the material but the gesture of wanting to help again. I never thought they would follow my journey, but since they gave me my printing machine, we have been in constant communication via email, and now they came to visit me and give me this wonderful news,” said an emotional Rumina after the visit from the Foundation’s team.

“More than the tools, it’s the affection and not leaving us alone, knowing they care about us and do not doubt the entrepreneurs. I greatly appreciate this support, especially the one given to so many women and mother entrepreneurs like me,” added the owner of Rummy Shop Store.

After the floods, the Luksic Foundation has also made other contributions, such as delivering emergency clothing kits for the municipal teams of Arauco and Hualqui to carry out their functions safely, and more than 1,000 essential supply boxes—food and hygiene products—for families in Arauco, Hualqui, and Lota.