FIE opens 2020 call with focus on Covid-19

1 •  julio •  2020

Between July 1 and July 31, 2020, the application period of the Fondo de Iniciativas Educativas (FIE) of Fundación Educacional Luksic (FEL) will be held for the 2020 Cycle. The 74 technical-professional schools in the provinces of Valdivia and Ranco at Región de Los Ríos; and Llanquihue and Osorno at Región de Los Lagos will be able to apply to this fund.

These establishments may present ideas to improve their infrastructure for pedagogical purposes or to develop skills in their management and/or teaching teams.

Given the context of the coronavirus crisis, which has affected the Chilean educational system in various ways due to the suspension of classes, on this occasion an additional value will be assigned to projects that offer solutions for students who currently receive classes from a distance.

“We invite the technical-professional schools in the eligible provinces to apply for their projects. We believe that this FIE application is a great opportunity to propose initiatives that address the needs of students in the context of the suspension of classes due to the pandemic,” commented José Gutiérrez, Director of Fundación Educacional Luksic.

The evaluation of the applications will be carried out by a committee of experts from outside the foundation who will analyze the initiatives.

About FIE

Since 2012, the Fundación Educacional Luksic has carried out four cycles of this competitive fund in different areas of the country. In total, 104 projects have been implemented, which in addition to funding receive on-site support to develop project management skills.

The FIE has two categories for the financing of projects:

FIE for Initiation: projects by one or more schools with a maximum investment of $20 million by the Luksic Educational Foundation.

Collaborative FIE: projects of two or more schools with a maximum budget of $45 million with 85% financing from the Luksic Educational Foundation (maximum $38,250,000).