FIE 2021 already has its winners!

26 •  Jan •  2021

The Luksic Foundation announced the winners of the 2021 version of the Strengthening Educational Initiatives (FIE). In total, 48 professional technical schools (TP) from different parts of Chile will receive support and funding to develop initiatives aimed at increasing access to higher education for their students.


Development of socio-emotional skills, vocational orientation workshops, recognition of prior learning and internships are part of the projects that the winning establishments will be able to develop.

This year, for the first time, the call for applications to the FIE was made at a national level. In total, 238 schools, that is, nearly 25% of all the TP schools in Chile, applied to the fund, which will distribute a total amount of $500 million chilean pesos among the winners. The selected projects represent schools from 14 regions of the country.

Of the 48 winning schools, 39 applied with collaborative initiatives, that is to say, they will be developed jointly by two or three schools. On the other hand, 9 of the winners corresponded to Initiation projects, presented by a single school.

“We know that last year was intense and challenging for the schools, so we are very happy and grateful for the high level of interest and participation that FIE 2021 had in this first national call. We received projects of an excellent level that will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the life trajectories of the students and their families”, said Álvaro Ipinza, general manager of Fundación Luksic.

One of the main characteristics of the FIE is that the initiatives presented are designed and developed by each educational community as a whole and respond to the different needs of each school.

One of the winning projects was presented jointly by the Liceo Técnico Río Bueno, the Centro Educativo Fernando Santiván and the Instituto Superior de Administración y Turismo, all belonging to the Los Ríos Region. The project seeks to develop a joint work between the three high schools that teach the specialty of Tourism and the State Technical Training Center of Los Ríos with the aim of promoting successful educational trajectories towards higher education.

Karina Bonvallet, teacher of the Tourism specialty at the Río Bueno Technical High School, was in charge of applying to the FIE. “We had been working collaboratively with other high schools in the region and we were eager to do something together,” said the teacher. “Thanks to this project we will be in frequent contact with the technical training center and that will make the students feel closer to higher education, to be linked from the school. This closeness will be positive for the development of the students, as well as for the expectations of their families and the motivation of the high school teachers,” she added.

Another winning project was that of the Liceo Bicentenario Manuel Jesús Andrade Bórquez de Chonchi, in Los Lagos Region. The school’s evaluator and curriculum specialist, Mariela Silva, pointed out that the initiative seeks to install a system of tutors between higher education students and students of the specialty of Administration with mention in Human Resources, in order to motivate the use of Information Technologies (ICTs) among peers, establishing a “digital literacy” alliance, strategic and relevant, given the situation of remote education in which the country lives.

“In October we reflected on the lack of connection and opportunities for students. It was a collective need of the school, and we developed a project that could be viable over time. We are contributing to leave capacities installed in the high school and to implement it in other specialties in the future”, emphasized the person in charge. The objective is also that young people studying in higher education can share their experiences and motivate high school students to continue their education once they graduate from high school.

The FIE 2021 will be implemented starting in March of this year and the resources will be used for one year, to benefit students who are about to graduate from technical-professional high school.

Winning establishments

Liceo Polivalente Municipal De Nacimiento.
Escuela Industrial San José,
Centro Educacional Mariano Egaña.
Centro Educacional Eduardo De La Barra.
Centro Educacional Valle Hermoso.
Instituto Comercial Marítimo Del Pacifico Sur.
Liceo Técnico Carlos Alessandri Altamirano,
Liceo José San Martín.
Liceo Industrial Eliodoro García Zegers.
Liceo Politécnico Presidente Gabriel González Videla.
Liceo Sara Braun.
Liceo Politécnico Villarrica.
Liceo TP Centenario.
Colegio Juan Luis Undurraga Aninat.
Colegio San Alberto Hurtado De Pudahuel.
Polivalente Arzobispo.
Liceo Industrial B5 Angol.
Liceo Industrial C16 Nueva Imperial.
Liceo Industrial Superior.
Liceo Politécnico Héroes de La Concepción.
Colegio Salesiano de Concepción.
Colegio Marista Hermano Fernando.
Escuela Particular Industrial E. Bertelsen Temple.
Liceo Técnico Superior Profesional De Río Bueno.
Centro Educativo Fernando Santiván.
Inst. Superior De Administración Y Turismo.
Liceo Politécnico de Ovalle.
Colegio de Administración y Comercio El Ingenio.
Colegio Raúl Silva Henríquez.
Escuela Básica Y Parv. Kronos School.
Colegio Nirvana.
Liceo Politécnico Metodista La Granja.
Complejo Educacional Juan Bosco.
Liceo Municipal Lumaco.
Colegio Misión de San Juan de La Costa.
Colegio Quilacahuín.
Liceo Polivalente Padre José Herde Polher.
Liceo Samuel Román Rojas.
Liceo Jorge Iribarren Charlin de Hurtado.
Liceo El Palomar.
Liceo Técnico Profesional Gonzalo Guglielmi Montiel.
Liceo Manuel Jesús Andrade Bórquez.
Liceo Industrial De Valdivia.
Centro Educacional Alberto Hurtado.
Instituto Politécnico (Los Lagos).
Liceo Polivalente Virginio Arias.
Escuela Industrial Guillermo Richard Cuevas.
Escuela Agrícola de La Patagonia.