From a wind energy patio to a restaurant-school: the projects that won the FIE in the first application of the 2020 Cycle

28  •  julio  •  2020

The Fund for School Initiatives (FIE), promoted by the Luksic Educational Foundation (FEL), is a competitive fund aimed at secondary technical-professional schools in provinces with high averages in the School Vulnerability Index.

The objective of FIE is to finance projects that respond to the needs identified by the school communities themselves to improve the educational quality of their schools. For this purpose, the selected schools are granted resources and support to complete their projects.

This year FIE is carrying out its 2020 Cycle in the provinces of Valdivia and Ranco in the Los Ríos Region; and Llanquihue and Osorno in the Los Lagos Region. The 74 technical-professional schools in these areas that are invited to apply have an average School Vulnerability Index (IVE) of 93.3%.

At the beginning of the year, the first FIE application period was held, in which three schools in the provinces mentioned above were awarded funds and support to carry out their projects. The same schools will be able to participate in the second application period, which closes this Friday, July 31.

Winning projects of the first period of the FIE 2020 Cycle

In January of this year, three schools located in the regions of Los Ríos and Los Lagos won funding and support to carry out their projects.

In Valdivia, the Liceo Rodulfo Amando Philippi in the commune of Paillaco is building a full-scale solar and wind power training yard. The objective is to develop competencies in students through training in the implementation, maintenance and replacement of equipment related to non-conventional renewable energies. This project is expected to improve the quality of the training of students in the Electricity and Electronics specialties.

A little further south, the Gastronomy students of the Liceo Politécnico Werner Grob Stolzenbach of La Unión will have a food truck to prepare food and serve the public, both internal and external. In addition, with this unit the establishment will promote healthy eating based on the principles of the government program Elige Vivir Sano (Choose to Live Healthy).

In the capital of the Lakes Region, the Liceo Comercial Miramar de Puerto Montt is setting up a restaurant inside the school that will function as a workshop for students of the Gastronomy and Hotel Services specialties. The school-restaurant, which will comply with all sanitary requirements and will be supervised by the teachers of both specialties, will allow the students to put into practice their knowledge in areas such as financial administration, stock control and customer service.

These projects were selected from among all the FIE applicants by a committee of experts external to the Fundación Educacional Luksic. For this last application period of the 2020 Cycle, an independent jury will also analyze each of the applications and select the winners. In this opportunity, an additional score will be assigned to those projects that offer pedagogical solutions for the distance learning classes that are being carried out due to the Covid-19 pandemic.