Fundación Luksic and the Chilean Olympic Committee sign a Memorandum of Understanding to support high performance athletes

23 •  nov •  2022

The alliance between these two entities aims to promote the development of table tennis, climbing and 3×3 basketball in Chile, and to support high-performance athletes in these disciplines.

With the aim of strengthening the sports development of young high-performance athletes, the Sports area of the Luksic Foundation and the Chilean Olympic Committee (COCH) signed a collaboration agreement that will allow them to support and finance the sports plans of 16 Chilean athletes.

The athletes, who belong to the sports disciplines of 3×3 basketball, climbing and table tennis, will be able to better prepare themselves to participate in the Pan American Games to be held in Santiago de Chile in 2023.

“For us as athletes it is very important to be able to count on this support, we are very happy and sure that we can give great joy to the country in our competitions”, explained Daniela Ortega, tennis player of Team Chile.

In addition, the agreement seeks to execute actions and projects that fulfill the objective of promoting the development of the three aforementioned disciplines.

Jaime Pizarro, director of the Sports area of the Luksic Foundation, said that “as a Foundation we are convinced that sport not only has physical and psychological benefits, but is also a powerful tool for training, transformation and social integration. Today we reaffirm this commitment by providing opportunities throughout Chile, and this alliance with COCH will enable us to generate concrete support for our country’s high-performance athletes”. 

For his part, the president of the Chilean Olympic Committee, Miguel Angel Mujica, commented that “it is great news that entities such as the Luksic Foundation are explicitly committed to sports in our country. We are very grateful and we are confident that this will be the first step in a relationship that can provide great opportunities for national sport”.


The support granted will help the athletes to acquire equipment and strengthen their preparation for their upcoming competitions and sporting challenges, such as the next Pan American Games, to be held in Chile in 2023.

Sports Area of the Foundation

In addition to supporting high-performance athletes, the Luksic Foundation’s Sports area promotes physical activity and a healthy lifestyle through its 19 15 soccer and field hockey sports schools in various sectors of the Metropolitan Region, and in the municipalities of Antofagasta and Calle Larga. 

The area also has the Impulso Deportivo program, which provides support to sports organizations or athletes throughout the year who need a boost to continue their activities, such as clothing, equipment and registration for competitions, among others.