Luksic Foundation joins SJM's work to support migrant families

3 •  julio  •  2020

Convinced of the contribution that migrants mean to Chile, the Fundación Luksic is working together with Servicio Jesuita Migrante (SJM) in a comprehensive territorial support plan for migrant families in highly vulnerable situations.

The plan contemplates different areas and one of them is the socio-legal attention for those migrants and refugees who need it. This attention is largely provided through the innovative application of the SJM called MigrApp, which seeks to take advantage of technology so that people can solve doubts in areas such as humanitarian aid, regularization, employment, housing, health and education.

This tool has played a fundamental role since the social outbreak in October and even more so during the pandemic, since face-to-face attention has been constantly interrupted for these reasons.

Since the beginning of the mobilizations, more than 10 thousand queries have been made through MigrApp, where 45.5% correspond to doubts related to the regularization process, which were mainly made by Venezuelan citizens (63.5%), Colombians (12%) and Haitians (8.3%). After the arrival of the pandemic, queries through the platform quadrupled compared to what happened during the peak period of the social outbreak and quintupled compared to the months prior to the Coronavirus (between January and March).

“Through Migrapp we have kept in close contact with migrants and refugees, solving doubts and providing vital information so that their integration into the country is less hindered by the social and health context that Chile is experiencing. Very important in these days has been to facilitate their access to humanitarian aid, so necessary in these days due to the loss of jobs”, says José Tomas Vicuña, national director of SJM.

Migrapp is available in Spanish, English, French and Creole, and it has similar services in different parts of the world. To learn more about this platform click here.