IAPB launches innovative Competency Development Center

21 •  Oct •  2020

Having excellent teachers is fundamental to ensure the quality of education and the integral development of students. It is under this conviction that the Instituto Agrícola Pascual Baburizza (IAPB) -a private subsidized non-profit school, supported by the Luksic Educational Foundation, which provides technical-professional agricultural and livestock training at the intermediate level in Calle Larga- inaugurated this Wednesday, October 21, its Competency Development Center (CEDECO), an initiative that aims to improve the quality of learning of its students through ongoing training of the teaching staff.

“Just as we have worked to strengthen the learning of our students through personalization, we understood, together with the Luksic Foundation, that we could create an unprecedented and unique Development Center ‘tailor-made’ for the training needs of our teachers,” commented the director of the IAPB, Carlos Valderrama.

In the first instance, the Center will focus on developing general competency skills, seeking to advance, in a second stage, to personalized support with internships, courses and projects that meet the specific needs of the Institute’s teachers.

During the training, teachers will have their own academic curriculum according to the needs and contexts of each one, classes that will be led by leading national and international specialists.

“We are confident that every teacher can, regardless of their history or initial training, through systematic and continuous accompaniment, reach excellence in their performance to effectively and efficiently accompany each of their students,” said the IAPB director.

Projection to the community

In the long term, CEDECO intends to expand its offer of improvement to the local community, through partnerships with elementary schools in the area, to positively impact the trajectory of students who enter the IAPB in seventh grade.

“The Competency Development Center will enable IAPB teachers, and hopefully in the future all teachers in the Institute’s neighboring communities, to develop specific skills that will enable them to better perform their valuable work and that will undoubtedly have an important impact on the lives of all members of the school community,” said Paola Luksic, president of the Luksic Foundation, the IAPB’s sponsoring entity.

The launching ceremony took place in person, under the current sanitary safeguards, and at the same time it was transmitted online to the entire IAPB school community. The participants were able to learn about the characteristics and details of this innovative space, in addition to participating in a master class given by Julio Fontán, creator of the SERF methodology implemented within the IAPB. The Fontán Relational Education System (SERF) is an educational model in which students develop their own Personal Study Plan focused on developing their potential, cultivating a passion for learning according to their interests and respecting individual learning rhythms.