Impulso Chileno IV already has its 200 winners! The Luksic Foundation will distribute a fund of up to $1000 million pesos to entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground

14 •  January •  2022
  • The 200 winners will receive financing, between $3 and $5 million pesos each, and academic support. With this new generation, 420 entrepreneurs have been supported by Impulso Chileno.
  • Of the total number of winners, 110 are women, which represents 55% of the entrepreneurs. In addition, 62% are from regions other than the Metropolitan Region.

Increasing sales, creating jobs, diversifying their offerings and expanding their frontiers are some of the goals that entrepreneurs can achieve with concrete and comprehensive support. The Luksic Foundation has witnessed how entrepreneurs from all over the country have been able to get their businesses off the ground with the financing and academic support provided by Impulso Chileno, a contest whose fourth version already has its 200 winners, among whom a fund of 1 billion pesos will be distributed.

“We want to say strongly that we believe in Chile’s entrepreneurs! With this new edition we already have 420 winners of Impulso Chileno and we are proud of the work done by each one of them. We hope they can continue to grow, creating jobs and fulfilling dreams throughout the country,” said Andrónico Luksic, founder of the Impulso Chileno program.

The fourth version of the contest received more than 14,000 applications from all regions of the country. After an arduous evaluation process led by the Simon de Cyrene Corporation, an expert in entrepreneurship, the 200 winners were announced on Friday, January 14. They will receive funding of between $3 and $5 million pesos, academic support with classes taught by the School of Management of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and personalized mentoring by Simon de Cyrene.

“We know that these have been challenging times, so in this new version of Impulso Chileno we are doubling the number of winners, to continue empowering more entrepreneurs throughout Chile. We congratulate the dedication and energy of the applicants, they are an inspiring example for everyone,” said Alvaro Ipinza, general manager of the Luksic Foundation.

Winners from all regions

The 200 winning entrepreneurs of the fourth version of Impulso Chileno are between 24 and 70 years old, and 55% of them are women. In addition, the winners come from all regions of the country and 62% belong to a region other than the Metropolitan Region.

In terms of sectors, food (33.5%), commerce (22.5%) and services (14.5%) are the ones with the highest participation.

The winners of the fourth edition of Impulso Chileno will begin their academic program at the end of January. The complete list of the 200 finalists is available on the website