Winning initiative of the "Colabora" program: 8 security cameras installed in downtown neighborhood of Calle Larga

13 •  oct •  2022

The winning project of the Luksic Foundation’s competitive fund was presented by the Junta de Vecinos de la Población Eusebio Lillo and seeks to reinforce security in the community. The cameras installed at strategic points in the neighborhood will be monitored by the Municipality of Calle Larga.


  • The main objective of the Colabora program is to support local initiatives that have a direct impact on the community and strengthen the work of the various social organizations that are part of the commune. The competitive fund of the Luksic Foundation’s Territorial Linkage area launched its first call for proposals in May of this year in Calle Larga, Valparaíso Region. In total, 10 projects presented by the community were selected and received between $1 and $2 million to be implemented and contribute to the development of the community.

    Currently, the winning projects are in execution, and several of them are already generating improvements in the quality of life of the neighbors of the commune. One of these initiatives was presented by the Junta de Vecinos de la Población Eusebio Lillo. “This is a very central sector of Calle Larga through which many people pass. It has several transit routes, so it often happened that people committed crimes and used these streets to escape,” says Nancy Garay, president of the Eusebio Lillo Neighborhood Council and in charge of the project. “We had to start with something, and safety of life came first, especially because there are many elderly people living here,” she adds.

    That is how she designed the project to install eight security cameras at different points in the neighborhood.

    “All the cameras are already in place. We had some problems installing the last two cameras because we didn’t have internet, but the municipality provided us with the connection. It has been a very gratifying joint effort: on the one hand, the Luksic Foundation with the resources, me as president of the neighborhood council with the coordination for the development of the project, and the municipality, which has provided a lot of support and will even monitor the cameras”, emphasizes Nancy.

    “I am very satisfied because everything went well. It is gratifying”, assures the president of the Neighborhood Council. Nancy says that she has lived all her life in the commune and currently works independently in private homes, she also has two children and three grandchildren. “My daddy was the first one to arrive here in Calle Larga, he was a very honest person, who liked to get involved with the community. He was the one who left me this gift, because I love to work with people and give solutions to the issues that affect us”.

    Other projects

    Recycling and environmental care, the creation of recreational areas, the installation of security elements, and the improvement of neighborhood centers are among the ten winning initiatives of the Colabora program, which are currently being implemented:

  • “Deporsana” – Club Deportivo Brille El Nombre.
  • “Nueva techumbre, loza y talleres de reciclaje para el desarrollo de actividades comunitarias en villa Los Aromos” – Junta de vecinos La Tapada.
  • “Modificar y reforzar parte del perímetro de la escuela Cristo Redentor” – Centro de padres y apoderados escuela Cristo Redentor.
  • “Instalación de cámaras para la seguridad de nuestros vecinos” – Junta de vecinos Eusebio Lillo.
  • “Mejoramiento para nuestra sede” – Junta de vecinos villa San José.
  • “Talleres de mecánica y arbitraje deportivo para rugby en silla de ruedas” – Club Búfalos de Calle Larga.
  • “Plaza de juegos” – Junta de vecinos Crucero del Inca.
  • “Cambio de piso” – Club Deportivo San Carlos.
  • “Camino a mejorar el medio ambiente” – Junta de vecinos Caldera Vieja.
  • “Mejora de servicios medioambientales para adultos mayores y familias vulnerables” – Junta de vecinos Pocuro.