22 •  apr •  2022

The renowned sportsman adds a new role to his extensive and varied curriculum: to lead the new area of the Foundation, which seeks to deliver socioemotional competencies through the development of training, recreational and competitive initiatives.

Aware of the importance of promoting physical activity and sports in our society, the Luksic Foundation is consolidating its new Sports area, whose purpose is to work to deliver socioemotional competencies through the development of formative, recreational and competitive initiatives.

“The Foundation, as of January, has started the operation of this new area. There is a development in terms of being able to promote and consolidate the projects that were underway, particularly the sports schools, as well as the management of initiatives that are applied to the Foundation from different areas. It is very interesting to carry out this management and to promote it in the future. From recreational to high performance,” explained Jaime Pizarro, director of the Sports area, to the newspaper La Tercera.

Jaime, who has served as Undersecretary of Sports, technical director and sports manager, among others, comes to the Foundation with the objective of strengthening this new area, which is based on the conviction that sports and the development of sports talent in our country is fundamental and beneficial for those who live in Chile.

Sports Schools

In 2019, Reyes de Barrio was born, a program of free soccer schools for boys and girls that seeks to promote comprehensive training from a sporting environment, through its various components, such as physical activity, healthy eating and positive parenting in families. The program currently has 14 schools, present in 11 municipalities in the Metropolitan Region. In 2021, more than 850 students were enrolled.

With the aim of continuing to contribute in this area and providing children and adolescents with a healthy space for recreation and sports training, according to La Tercera, this year field hockey was added to the Luksic Foundation’s sports schools. Free hockey schools began operating in April in three districts of the Metropolitan Region: Independencia, Lo Prado and Peñalolén, for girls between 11 and 14 years of age.

“Sport is beneficial for those who practice it and for the surrounding community. We want to promote a healthy life and support the development of different activities that have this purpose”, says the new Sports Director of the Luksic Foundation.

The Luksic Foundation continues to work through the new area, with which it hopes to reach more communities in Chile with programs and initiatives, with concrete contributions and comprehensive programs so that children and athletes can develop on a sporting and socioemotional level.