"Juntos por Calle Larga": had a successful start of a series of participatory workshops for the community

21 •  jul •  2022

During July and August of this year, the neighbors of the commune will be able to meet and build together a local development agenda of short, medium and long term projects. In total there will be 12 days in which adults, seniors, members of the productive sector, students and young people will develop a collective dream for Calle Larga.

“A very good opportunity for us to make known the problems that each one of us has in our sector” and “an enriching experience. It has allowed us to meet and get to know each other as a community”. This is how the participants of “Together for Calle Larga” define the experience of participating in the collaborative work workshops that are currently being developed in the commune.

This is an initiative belonging to the Territorial Linkage area of the Luksic Foundation, in alliance with the municipality of Calle Larga, which seeks to promote a participatory process in which neighbors build together a local development agenda, creating a list of projects that can be implemented in the short, medium and long term.

The workshops began on July 21 and will continue until August 4. To facilitate the development of the activities and promote teamwork, the participants have been divided into five different groups: adults, senior citizens, members of the productive sector, young people and students.

Themes addressed

Lack of health services, safety in public spaces, public transportation, greater community participation and female unemployment are some of the topics that were addressed during the days. Participants were able to share experiences and, through different dynamics and methodologies, prioritize the most important and most urgent issues for the community.

During 2021 and 2022, the Luksic Foundation conducted a diagnosis through a survey of 1,180 households in Calle Larga and 70 interviews with key actors, which revealed the main needs of the neighbors. This data has been the basis for encouraging conversation among participants and prioritizing a project agenda.

The director of the Territorial Linkage area of the Luksic Foundation, Constanza Fernández, explained that “the “Together for Calle Larga” process has shown that there are many needs that require concrete solutions, but it has also demonstrated the motivation, commitment and capabilities of the community to move forward together towards a collective dream for the community and to be protagonists of the changes they want to see in Calle Larga”.

Cristina Porras, a participant in the senior citizen workshop, highlighted that it has been a “very positive instance for the community, especially for older adults, because they do not have very appropriate spaces to express their feelings, their needs, their problems or what they face in traditional life. It is very valuable to create spaces for the elderly, since there are few resources for them to get together and continue to develop as people,” he added.

During the first week of August, workshops will be held for youth and student groups. Those who have not been able to attend the workshops in person can participate through an online questionnaire available at juntosporcallelarga.cl.

Workshop Calendar

July 21 – First adult workshop group 1

July 21 – First workshop for seniors

July 23rd – Together for Long Street Event

July 25 – First adult workshop group 2

July 26th – First workshop for the productive sector

July 28th – Second workshop for adults group 1

July 28 – Second workshop for older adults

August 1st – Second workshop for adults group 2

August 01 – Workshop with youth

August 2nd – Second workshop for the productive sector

August 02 – Workshop with students

August 03 – Workshop with students

August 04 – Workshop with youth

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