"La Mesa de todos": SJM's documentary microseries seeks to break down prejudices against migrants

10 •  Nov •  2020

Migrants living in Chile represent more than 8% of the population. Aware of this and with the aim of breaking down prejudices, the Jesuit Migrant Service (SJM), with the support of Luksic Foundation, launched its new campaign called “La Mesa de Todos”, a micro documentary series where 8 people meet with a chef to cook a starter, main course and dessert.


“Sometimes we are more open to the flavors of another culture, than to the people of another culture”. With that phrase and a lively drumbeat in the background, the trailer for the series introduces the eight protagonists of “La Mesa de Todos” who tell their stories and the typical ingredients of their countries.

The amateur cooks agreed that by setting aside stereotypes they discovered what they have in common. On the official website of “La Mesa de Todos”, the trailer, the chapters and the profiles of the protagonists and the Chef who accompanies them will be published. “The beauty of sharing is that at the end of the day we are universal beings. We are a mixture of exquisite flavors,” say the protagonists.

“At the Luksic Foundation we firmly believe that if we all act together we can create a better society. That is why one of our purposes is to support the different communities that make up our country. We have gladly joined this campaign of the Jesuit Migrant Service, as we are convinced that migrants have been, are and will be a contribution and that they need our support and respect to move forward,” says Álvaro Ipinza, general manager of the Luksic Foundation.

Due to the pandemic, the micro series was filmed entirely through Zoom application, which was not an impediment to the connection that took place between the participants. In the words of SJM’s national director, José Tomás Vicuña: “Technology allowed us to go out and generate an encounter between people who have had migratory experiences in their lives. Once again, we were able to see how much we are united and how there is no one left out at this table”. Thus, “La Mesa de Todos” opened a space for the people seated around it to get to know each other’s stories and question their own prejudices in the face of the unknown.

This production is part of the comprehensive plan that SJM is working on with the Luksic Foundation to support migrant families living in Chile. This plan contemplates different areas, one of which is socio-legal assistance for those migrants and refugees who need it, which is being carried out through the innovative MigrApp application. Another pillar in which the institutions are working is that of humanitarian aid, under which food baskets and rent subsidies were delivered to hundreds of migrant families.

“La Mesa de Todos” is a work of the production company Fábula, the director, Marialy Rivas and the advertising agency AldeaSantiago. It also had the support of Fundación Avina, CMPC, Walmart, Entel, Maggi, Ripley, along with La Tercera and TVN as media partners.