Luksic family donates 35 thousand food boxes in the Metropolitan Region

17 •  mayo •  2020

In view of the humanitarian crisis that the Covid-19 pandemic is generating worldwide and which is beginning to have consequences in Chile, the Luksic family -through the Luksic Foundation- has decided to help 35 thousand vulnerable families in Greater Santiago, delivering food boxes to municipalities and also making a contribution to the organization Red de Alimentos (Food Network).

Starting this Monday, the Luksic Foundation will begin to distribute directly to 10 municipalities a total of 21 thousand boxes with basic food products, to be delivered, one box per family, to 21 thousand vulnerable families. The municipalities that will receive the boxes starting this week are La Pintana, Estación Central, Cerro Navia, La Florida, Pedro Aguirre Cerda, La Granja, Peñalolén, Padre Hurtado, Independencia and Recoleta.

At the same time, the Foundation made a contribution of close to 750 million pesos to the NGO Red de Alimentos, to support 14,155 families throughout the Metropolitan Region, through the delivery of 14,155 food boxes in 28 districts, which will take place from the first days of June. The communes benefited will be: Calera de Tango, Cerrillos, Cerro Navia, Colina, Conchalí, El Bosque, Estación Central, Huechuraba, La Cisterna, La Florida, La Granja, La Pintana, Lo Espejo, Maipú, Paine, Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Peñaflor, Peñalolén, Providencia, Pudahuel, Puente Alto, Quilicura, Recoleta, Renca, San Bernardo, San Joaquín, San José de Maipo and Santiago.

“The Luksic Foundation works daily to identify the urgent needs of those who most require support, and today we want to reach them quickly and efficiently, to help ensure that there is no lack of food in the homes of the most vulnerable families in these difficult times,” said Paola Luksic, president of the institution.

“Municipalities know their neighbors and communities very well, and know where those who suffer most in their territories are; just as Red de Alimentos is an institution with a proven capacity to directly reach the most affected families,” added Álvaro Ipinza, General Manager of the Luksic Foundation.

The food boxes are designed to cover the basic needs of a family, with an average of 4 members, for 15 days.

This donation from the Luksic Foundation is in addition to the delivery of 2 million gloves and 1 million masks for health workers throughout Chile. This is in addition to the contribution made by the family to the COVID-19 business fund for the emergency, collected by the CPC, which reached 90 billion pesos.

This, in addition to the family’s contribution to the business fund for the COVID-19 emergency, collected by the CPC, which reached 90 billion pesos.