Luksic Foundation delivers a mobile clinic in La Araucanía

8 •  mayo •  2020

Desafío Levantemos Chile has been working on the ground against the coronavirus crisis and has been doing so arduously in one of the regions most affected nationally by Covid-19: La Araucanía.

“From the very first minute we decided to help those who need it most and without a doubt this is the place where we felt we had to allocate the help,” commented Nicolás Birrell, executive director of Desafío Levantemos Chile.

The foundation coordinated contributions from individuals and different organizations in the country, such as Banco de Chile, Banmédica, Clínica Alemana and CMPC, in order to deliver the emergency kits.

For its part, the Luksic Foundation delivered a mobile clinic and 2,000 kits with face masks, breast masks and gloves for the community of Loncoche.

Today we delivered a mobile clinic and 2,000 kits with masks, breast masks and gloves to the community of Loncoche in La Araucanía. We are proud and grateful to have been able to collaborate with @DesafioChile in this important work on the ground!

This contribution from the Luksic family is in addition to the contribution made to the fund managed by the Confederation of Production and Commerce (CPC), which raised $80 billion to combat the Coronavirus and which was made available to the Ministry of Health. And in addition to the million KN95 masks that have already been distributed in 62 hospitals in the country according to the determinations made by the Medical Colégio.