08 •  sep •  2022

Equipment, clothing, minor works and inscriptions to national and international competitions are some of the contributions made by the Foundation’s Sports program to sports organizations throughout Chile.

One of the main objectives of the Luksic Foundation’s Sports area is to promote sports activities among children and young people, in addition to fostering safe and comprehensive instances throughout Chile. In this line, in addition to the soccer and field hockey sports schools, the area has the Impulso Deportivo program.

This initiative seeks to provide a contribution to sports organizations and individual athletes, mainly through equipment – training materials, uniforms, shoes – and registrations to participate in national and international competitions, representing Chile. From September 7 to 30, the Foundation will be making a special call to sports organizations in the regions that include a gender focus in their activities or sports branches.

“We are moved by the growth of the country and of people through sport. We know that this challenge must be addressed in a comprehensive and associative way, which is why we want to promote the various sports organizations and individual athletes throughout Chile. We believe in sport as a tool for change for children and young people and their families,” explained Jaime Pizarro, director of the Sports area of the Luksic Foundation.

Requirements and application

From September 7 to 30, non-profit sports organizations from regions and rural areas that have legal status and have been in operation for at least one year are invited to apply.

The application must be sent through the website, which will be evaluated by the Foundation’s team, and where all the requirements to participate are also detailed.

“We invite all sports entities to review our website and submit their application for support through the Impulso Deportivo program. From the Foundation we want to continue providing opportunities to continue promoting healthy living and sports in every corner of Chile,” said Pizarro.

The program is open throughout the year, where projects from various organizations and individual athletes or pairs of athletes from different disciplines are evaluated.