Luksic Foundation launches "MueveTP"

24 •  Feb •  2020

Faced with the new challenges facing the education system in Chile, and after a process of collaborative reflection on the opportunities needed by students of EMTP students, the Luksic Foundation presents the national initiative MueveTP, a network that brings together the different actors involved in EMTP and aims to promote the continuity of higher education for young people who graduate from technical and vocational high schools, and thus improve their quality of life and that of their families.

The OECD’s Education at a Glance 2019 report reveals that in Chile higher education makes a difference in terms of employability and income levels. The study indicates that a higher level technical degree increases salaries by an average of 40%, while in the case of a professional career it can increase by 163% more. Continuing studies also improves the employability rate (84% vs. 72%).

Through networking, MueveTP seeks to generate results in the short and medium term, mobilizing and engaging the entire system in the positioning of vocational technical education as a relevant and quality option.

“To level the court it is urgent to improve the quality of education in our country. We want that students, especially those who attend vocational technical schools, to have more and better opportunities for development. To achieve this, we believe that collaborative work is fundamental. Each school is a different world, so it is important to listen and respond to the needs of the school communities themselves, in order to concretely improve the life trajectories of their students,” said the general manager of the Luksic Foundation, Álvaro Ipinza.

Pillars of MueveTP

The executive director of MueveTP, María Fernanda Orellana, explains that there are four strategic pillars. “We believe that the articulation between the different actors that share the purpose of continuing studies is a central axis to increase and improve the opportunities of the technical-professional educational communities”, she assures.

In this sense, MueveTP is led by the Luksic Foundation, but it is also integrated in the first instance by a Strategic Council, represented by 12 professional technical schools (through a Committee of Directors), Vertebral, the Network of State Technical Training Centers, Red de Centros de Formación Técnica Estatales, Instituto Profesional and Centro de Formación Técnica Santo Tomás y Fundación Chile.

Other pillars of the initiative are the Collaborative Networks of Continuous Improvement, which seek to improve learning in I and II Medio. This 2021 will work with 20 establishments throughout Chile, and the challenge is to reach 100 by 2024. Meanwhile, the Strengthening of Educational Initiatives FIE is a competitive fund of $500 million chilean pesos to finance projects that arise from the school communities themselves. In 2021, 48 schools in 14 regions of Chile have already benefited.

Finally, MueveTP will develop various articulation and advocacy projects, which seek to bring together actions between different sectors that share the purpose of continuing studies, to generate innovation and proposals for the training system of young people in secondary technical and vocational education.