05 •  NOV •  2022

Last night, representatives of the Foundation announced the delivery of $1,500 million that will be destined to the center that provides comprehensive rehabilitation to more than a thousand people in the northern part of the country.

The Teleton is a crusade that unites Chile around solidarity and that every year with excellence is dedicated to improving the quality of life of thousands of children and young people with motor disabilities. It is for this reason that since its origins the Luksic family has demonstrated a strong commitment to the Teleton and to being part of this mission, making contributions of more than 13 billion pesos from 2014 to date.

Eight years ago, the Luksic Foundation undertook one of its most important challenges: the construction of a new Teleton Institute in Antofagasta. This center, which is now a reality, provides comprehensive rehabilitation by the hand of first-class professionals and state-of-the-art technology to more than a thousand people in the northern part of Chile.

To reaffirm its commitment to the great work carried out by Teleton and to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities in Chile, this Friday night, November 4, the Luksic Foundation team announced the donation of $1.5 billion pesos for the continued operation of the Teleton Institute in Antofagasta.

The center is located in the “La Chimba” sector and during the year 2021 it provided a total of 33,683 services to more than a thousand families in the Antofagasta Region. Among its most outstanding features are a walking laboratory, multi-sensory rooms, a therapeutic pool and modern equipment to provide specific services.

For Paola Luksic, President of the Board of Directors of the Luksic Foundation: “This contribution is a commitment to the continued operation of the Teleton Institute of Antofagasta, as well as a contribution to Chile and to all families in Antofagasta. This is a dignified and modern space for all those who attend this center, as well as a place for meeting and improvement”.

During the event, the General Manager of the Luksic Foundation, Álvaro Ipinza, was accompanied by representatives of the teams that make up the Foundation and that work to promote initiatives and support programs in the areas of Sports, Education, Entrepreneurship and Territorial Linkage. “We would like to thank all those who make this great crusade of solidarity possible: cameramen, journalists, technical teams and many other people who work with commitment to bring to life this day that unites us as Chilean men and women,” he said.