Luksic Scholars: Babson College will train 50 teachers from northern Chile in education and entrepreneurship

4 •  may •  2021

A partnership between the Universidad de Antofagasta and the Luksic Scholars Foundation has enabled the development of the third edition of the “Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators” program, aimed at university professors in northern Chile.

The main objective of the “Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators” program, taught by experts from Babson College, a U.S. university recognized as the number one in entrepreneurship education worldwide, is to provide pedagogical tools to teach content in a more effective and innovative way in the classroom.

The third version of this symposium will be held online for two weeks, until May 13, with the participation of 50 teachers from regions of the north of Chile. The event is made possible thanks to the alliance between the Transfer and Licensing Office of the Universidad de Antofagasta (OTL-UA) and the Luksic Scholars Foundation.

“In order to generate development in the educational field, it is essential to provide tools to teachers and specialize in teaching entrepreneurship and new technologies. That is why we are happy to be able to carry out a new version of this program with world-class experts and an institution such as Babson College that ensures quality and innovation in its contents”, commented Alejandra Portillo, director of the OTL of the Universidad de Antofagasta.

The program will be led by international academics Andrew Corbett and Matthew Allen, experts in topics related to innovation and entrepreneurship, and will have as participants selected professors from the universities of Antofagasta, La Serena, Atacama, Arturo Prat, Tarapacá and Universidad Católica del Norte. “It is very relevant to be able to support our peers from other houses of higher education, thanks to the support of the Luksic Scholars Foundation that translates into 200 scholarships in the 5 years that this program will last”, highlighted Portillo regarding the initiative that also took place in 2018 and 2019.

For his part, Jeff Swiryn, Executive Director of Fundación Luksic Scholars, celebrated the realization of the new edition of this renowned Babson College program in Chile: “We want to validate our commitment to education and professional development, and this is a great opportunity for 50 teachers from the north of the country to acquire knowledge from exponents in entrepreneurship and disseminate good practices to their students and in their communities”.

It is worth mentioning that this program has already prepared more than 4,400 educators from more than 1,100 institutions around the world to form a growing group of innovative teachers in the field of entrepreneurship, who understand the importance of creating connections between theory and practice in teaching.