Meet the 18 winning innovative ideas of FIE 2023

6 •  jan •  2023

The Strengthening Educational Initiatives (FIE) will finance 18 ideas presented collaboratively and individually by 22 technical-professional high schools. The main themes are related to the development of socioemotional skills, fostering collaboration and promoting better life trajectories for students.

To finance innovative ideas that are born from the educational communities to respond to needs detected by them. This is the objective of the Strengthening Educational Initiatives (FIE), a competitive fund promoted by the Luksic Foundation through MueveTP, which in its last version received more than 120 applications from technical-professional high schools throughout the country.

On this occasion, 22 schools benefited, which will implement 18 project ideas presented collaboratively and individually. The selected schools come from the regions of Arica and Parinacota, Coquimbo, Valparaíso, Metropolitan, Maule, Ñuble, Biobío, La Araucanía and Los Ríos.

The selected projects are focused on the development of socio-emotional skills, fostering collaboration and teamwork among students, promoting better life trajectories for young people in secondary technical-professional education and strengthening access to information for continuing their studies, among other topics.

One of the winners is the project “Conversar es sano” (Conversation is healthy), presented by the School of Administration and Commerce of Curicó, in the Maule Region, which aims to generate a space for conversation between professionals, students, parents and members of the educational community to address issues such as mental health, financial education, curricular experiences and vocational guidance.  “We are very happy with the news. In 2022 we start with this project and the resources will allow us to continue and enhance this space for the benefit of the students,” said Guisela Campos, in charge of the project.

Another of the initiatives selected is “Raise your expectations: a program to train mentors who are leaders in high expectations”, presented by the Cañete Polytechnic High School, located in the commune of the same name, in the Biobío Region. Its purpose is to train 30 students as mentors for their community, through intensive training in Santiago, so that they can subsequently manage instances of support for other students. “We are convinced that this project will have a positive impact on the students, as it will help us to broaden their academic and work expectations,” said Alejandra Palma, who is in charge of the project.

Next steps

During March, the selected projects will go through an incubation stage, which will seek to enhance and add value to the initiatives. After this process, the final version of the projects to be implemented will be finalized.

See the list of the winning high schools:

Arica and Parinacota Region:

José Abelardo Nuñez M. Agricultural High School. – Arica Polytechnic High School

Coquimbo Region:

Colegio Técnico Profesional Florencia Nightingale

Valparaíso Region:

Liceo Menesiano Sagrado Corazón High School
Llay Llay Bicentennial Polytechnic High School
Liceo Técnico de Valparaíso – María Luisa Bombal High School
Francisco Araya Bennet High School of Commerce

Metropolitan Region:

Liceo Técnico Clotario Blest Riffo – Instituto Comercial Padre Alberto Hurtado de Pedro Aguirre Cerda – Liceo Técnico Clotario Blest Riffo – Instituto Comercial Padre Alberto Hurtado de Pedro Aguirre Cerda
Liceo Tecnológico Bicentenario Enrique Kirberg Baltiansky High School – Liceo Reino de Dinamarca High School
Pedro Prado Educational Complex – Cerro Navia Educational Complex

Maule Region:

School of Administration and Commerce

Ñuble Region:

San Gregorio High School

Biobío Region:

Cañete Polytechnic High School
Nueva Zelandia High School

Araucanía Region:

Pablo Sexto Educational Complex
San Agustín Educational Complex

Los Ríos Region:

Politécnico Pesquero High School
Carlos Haverbeck Richter Bicentennial High School
Camilo Henríquez G. Polyvalent High School