More than 100 girls participated in the year-end celebration of the Luksic Foundation's field hockey schools.

28 •  dec •  2022

At the beginning of 2022, three field field hockey schools were opened in the Metropolitan Region, in Peñalolén, Lo Prado and Independencia, and in the middle of the year one was inaugurated in the Valparaíso Region, in the commune of Calle Larga.

More than 100 girls from the Luksic Foundation’s field hockey schools attended the end-of-year celebration at the La Reina Country Club in December. Students from the schools of Lo Prado, Independencia, Peñalolén and Calle Larga met to get to know each other, practice this sport and have fun with different activities.

During the day there were friendly matches between the four field hockey schools, where the boys and girls of Special Olympics Chile also participated, who were very happy and excited to participate in the initiative organized by the Luksic Foundation.

Silvana Barraza, parent and mother of Pierina Muñoz (11), who participates in the school located in Calle Larga, told how happy her daughter is: “The mere fact that she tells me “mom, tomorrow I have to train” or “we played and won”, is to see in her a totally different passion that I never imagined I would see”.

In her case, Pierina, who has been involved since the beginning, commented that “I love how I play with other people as a team and how we help each other,” she said.

Field hockey: a new challenge

At the beginning of 2022, the Sports area of the Luksic Foundation decided to open three field hockey schools in the Metropolitan Region: Peñalolén, Lo Prado and Independencia. After a few months, a new school was opened in the commune of Calle Larga, in the Province of Los Andes.

Jaime Pizarro, director of the Sports area, says that one of the main objectives of the schools is to promote the development of physical activity throughout the country. “We want more boys and girls to have an active and healthy life – what better if we can take sports to communities where they are not so widespread. Our challenge is to create opportunities for them to learn, take care of themselves and have fun”.

In 2023, the field hockey sports schools will begin a new enrollment process, which is aimed at girls between 11 and 14 years of age. For more information, please visit the Sports section of the website