More than 140 technical-professional high schools from all over Chile applied to FIE 2023

29 •  nov •  2022

In this new version, the Fund for the Strengthening of Educational Initiatives (FIE) will provide between $10 and $15 million to schools, with the aim of financing innovative ideas that motivate students.

The call for applications for the Strengthening Educational Initiatives (FIE) 2023 was open until Friday, November 25. This is a competitive fund provided by the Luksic Foundation, through MueveTP, which in this version will finance innovative ideas that promote the motivations and expectations of students in Secondary Technical and Vocational Education (EMTP).

On this occasion, 145 schools from the 16 regions of the country submitted 129 project ideas through the online form. The region with the highest percentage of applications was the Metropolitan Region, with 24%, followed by Valparaíso with 16% and La Araucanía with 11%.

The projects will now move on to the next stage of the competition, in which a committee of evaluators will analyze the relevance of the problems detected by the school, the budget, quotations and other information submitted by the schools.

The schools can be awarded up to $10 million, in the case of individual applications, or up to $15 million, in the case of applying together with another technical-professional high school located in the same region.

Next steps

After the evaluation period, the projects will be submitted to a ranking, in which those that have obtained the best scores will be selected, according to the criteria previously established in the Legal Bases of the competition, such as, for example, the coherence and technical feasibility of the idea. The winning projects will be notified via e-mail during the last week of December.

Once the winners have been notified, the coordination between the MueveTP team and the establishment will begin, with the objective of gathering all the necessary documentation to draw up the contract or agreement for the transfer of resources.

Subsequently, the selected ideas will go through an incubation process, which aims to add value to the initial idea presented by the school. Once this process is completed, the final version of the project will be agreed upon by the applicants and the MueveTP team. The implementation of the initiatives will take place during the 2023 school year.

Many thanks to all the schools that were motivated and submitted their ideas!