More than 30 Luksic Foundation entrepreneurs meet in Arica

12 •  jun •  2024

Winners of the Impulso Chileno and Impulso Inicial programs from the Arica and Parinacota Region, from 2018 to the present, gathered in the regional capital to share their experiences and future challenges.

Thirty-two entrepreneurs, who have been beneficiaries of the Entrepreneurship programs of the Luksic Foundation, arrived at the center of Arica to participate in an in-person meeting. The goal was to learn about the status of their businesses, generate new networks, and mainly share business practices to boost the growth of their ventures.

“At the Luksic Foundation, our purpose is to contribute to the country’s development through the education of individuals, and we are convinced that by providing relevant tools and training, we can contribute to the professional and personal growth of each of Chile’s entrepreneurs,” explained Cristián Schalper, director of the Entrepreneurship area of the Luksic Foundation.

Various activities were conducted during the event to foster creativity and enhance the entrepreneurs’ skills. Additionally, two of them shared their experiences as business owners with all attendees.

Priscilla Santander, owner of Centro Integral KND and a kinesiologist by profession, explained how her idea turned into her first kinesiology center in 2019. “Having a brand—name, logo—opened doors for us to grow our business. Through Impulso Chileno, we acquired a machine for oncology treatments and offered a new service to the community. Moreover, the program’s training sessions and mentoring have been key in organizing the management of my business,” said Priscilla.

Ismael Rojas also shared his experience with his business “Te lo encargo,” related to the automotive industry, and how formalizing his business had an impact. “I encourage all entrepreneurs not to fear formalization and to take that step because it opens many doors and new growth opportunities,” emphasized Ismael.

So far, entrepreneur meetings, which bring together winners of the programs from 2018 to the present, have also been held in the regions of Tarapacá, Valparaíso, Maule, O’Higgins, Ñuble, Los Lagos, and Magallanes. The next activity will take place in the city of Antofagasta.