More than 400 children participated in the end-of-year celebration of the Luksic Foundation's soccer schools

29 •  dec •  2022

The initiative was held at the La Araucana Sports Complex in La Florida, where the students played friendly matches and then enjoyed an entertaining recreational afternoon.

After a 2022 full of new challenges, training and lots of fun, the 14 soccer sports schools of the Luksic Foundation gathered at the La Araucana Sports Complex, located in La Florida, for a year-end activity.

Schools from El Bosque, Estación Central, Independencia, La Florida, La Pintana, Lo Prado, Peñalolén, Puente Alto, Pudahuel, Renca and San Miguel participated in the initiative, bringing together more than 400 children participating in friendly matches and various recreational activities prepared for them.

Edwin Martínez from the Casas Viejas school in Puente Alto, loves to attend the courts and these friendly matches are very meaningful for him. “What I like most about the school is the integration they have with all the children,” said Martinez. On the other hand, Maura Hernández, a student from La Florida, explains that “they have taught me to play better and I have been able to learn how to score goals”.

Sports schools

This year, a new school was added to the 14 soccer schools, which is located in Antofagasta, the first school in a region other than the Metropolitan Region. Training began in September, and more than 40 students are already enrolled.

“The teachers are good people and always treat us well. We have learned a lot with them, such as balance techniques and ball handling. I am very happy to belong to the school,” said Martín Arredondo, a student at the Antofagasta school.

Jaime Pizarro, director of the Sports area of the Luksic Foundation, commented that “this year we opened schools in two cities outside the Metropolitan Region: Antofagasta and Calle Larga (field hockey). We are convinced that sport is a powerful tool for social transformation, so we continue to work every day to bring this opportunity to more people”.

On the other hand, Martín’s mother said that as parents “we are extremely happy with our son’s admission to the Luksic Foundation’s sports schools. It has been very gratifying because everyone is very happy and they have learned a lot.

For 2023, the application process for the 15 soccer sports schools will be available starting in January, information that you can find on our social networks or at We invite you to learn more details!