MueveTP opens the application stage for the FIE 2022: Fund for the Strengthening of Education Initiatives

13 •  octubre •  2021
  • Between October 12 and November 19, 2021, nearly 900 schools throughout Chile will be able to apply at This is a competitive fund of $500 million in total, which aims to promote access to higher education for young people in secondary technical-professional education.

Strengthening the access of young people from secondary technical-professional education to higher education is one of the pillars of MueveTP and the main objective of the fund for the Strengthening of Educational Initiatives FIE 2022, which is now open to educational communities throughout the country. What do we seek to promote? Development of socio-emotional and/or 21st century skills, vocational guidance, learning leveling, internships or certifications and recognition of prior learning.

In total, MueveTP makes $500 million available to Chile’s technical-vocational high schools to finance projects that arise from the school communities themselves and that seek to broaden the personal and professional trajectories of their students once they graduate from IV° Medio.

The executive director of MueveTP, María Fernanda Orellana, explains that in MueveTP “we promote the continuity of studies beyond the school stage. International evidence indicates that those young people who access higher education, whether at universities, technical training centers or professional institutes, obtain better jobs, higher incomes and more opportunities; which not only benefits them, but also their families and their school communities”.

In this sense, he adds that one of the characteristics of the FIE is that the educational communities themselves can present projects that make sense to their students and teaching teams. “We are convinced that school communities are the ones who best know the needs and characteristics of their students, and our call to the education system is to present projects that enhance access to higher education so that young people can broaden their future,” said Orellana.

FIE’s national coordinator, Claudio Lara, emphasizes that “schools can apply accompanied by higher education institutions, companies, foundations, NGOs or various organizations that are enthusiastic about expanding the opportunities of nearly 70,000 students in IV medio that are part of the technical-professional secondary education”.

The projects can be presented individually or collectively, and the winners will receive funds ranging from $5 to $25 million. The initiatives must be executed during the year 2022, for a maximum period of one academic year.

The call for proposals for FIE 2022 will be open until Friday, November 19. The legal bases are available at

FIE 2021

  • Technical-professional schools from all regions of Chile applied to the FIE 2021.
  • Out of a total of 238 schools that applied, 48 obtained resources to finance projects aimed at promoting access to higher education.
  • 12 of Chile’s 16 regions had schools that received funds.