MueveTP inaugurates Collaborative Network for Continuous Improvement

30 •  Dec •  2020

The objective of the new Collaborative Network for Continuous Improvement is to strengthen the learning of first and second year high school students attending professional technical schools. The initiative, promoted by the Luksic Foundation, was inaugurated this week through an online seminar, with the participation of the expert Santiago Rincón-Gallardo, master in International Educational Policy and PhD in Education and Educational Leadership from Harvard University.

In his presentation, Rincón Gallardo stated that “the current context forces us to rethink the school and the education system as a whole. In this sense, vocational technical education will have a very important role to play in liberating learning for society”. The expert added that the conditions for good learning are interest, constant practice, feedback, reflection and collaboration. “This is not learned only in a classroom, it is learned by talking, sharing knowledge and with permanent interactions between educators and students,” he assured during the talk.

The Collaborative Network for Continuous Improvement is one of the pillars of MueveTP, a movement promoted by the Luksic Foundation that seeks to encourage the continuation of higher education for young people who belong to the secondary technical-professional education system in Chile, through the collaboration and involvement of various actors.

The network will begin operating in 2021 in 20 schools throughout Chile and is projected to reach 100 establishments by 2024. Through peer-to-peer collaboration, the 20 schools that will participate in the initial stage and will be led by MueveTP, will work together to improve the socioemotional skills of students, as well as teaching practices in the subjects of Language and Mathematics.

The director of MueveTP, Fernanda Orellana, emphasized that “this movement seeks to promote access to higher education for students who graduate from secondary technical-professional education. The evidence shows that the continuity of studies improves the personal and professional trajectories of students, because it increases their opportunities to access higher quality jobs and better salaries, which often also benefits their families”.

More than 150 school principals, heads of technical-pedagogical units, coexistence managers, language and mathematics teachers and students from the technical-professional schools enrolled in the network participated in the opening conference.

Nancy Pizarro, coordinator of the MueveTP Collaborative Network for Continuous Improvement, highlighted the high level of participation and interest of the participants. “We are convinced that the best way to enhance the learning of school communities -especially in the current context- is through collaborative work, dialogue and interactions that can arise among them. In a first stage, we will work on promoting the development of socio-emotional skills and learning in language and mathematics,” he said.