MueveTP launches new website with specific information for young people on access to and financing of Higher Education

28 •  jul •  2022
  • The website was created with the objective of providing simple, useful, practical and quality information to high school students about the higher education admission process, whether to universities, technical training centers or professional institutes.
  • Within the site you can find a calendar with key dates of the admission process to Higher Education, information on Gratuity and scholarships, recommendations to work on vocational exploration and information of public interest for young people.


When is the registration process for the 2023 Higher Education Admission Test open? How can I apply for Gratuidad in Higher Education? These and other questions are asked by hundreds of high school students who are about to graduate from high school and have to decide on their continuity of studies.

MueveTP Jóvenes” was created to support this process of choice. It is a website aimed especially at young people between the ages of 14 and 21, with key information to improve their expectations, their motivation and reduce the barriers that often limit the possibilities of choosing their future for high school students.

The executive director of MueveTP, an initiative of the Luksic Foundation, María Fernanda Orellana, explains that “Higher Education allows thousands of young people to expand their personal and professional expectations, and improves their quality of life as well as that of their families. Education generates social mobility and we want to contribute so that young high school students can make well-informed decisions”.

“MueveTP Jóvenes” includes among its contents:

Calendar of key dates on the admission process to Higher Education.
Student financing, deadlines and requirements to access Gratuidad, scholarships or credits.
Topics on vocational exploration and options for choosing a career or a higher education institution.
Inspiring stories that motivate and show young people the opportunities offered by continuing their studies.
Diverse news of interest in the field, targeting young people between 14 and 21 years of age.
In Chile, and according to data from the OECD 2019 (Education at a Glance), those with a higher level technical degree receive 40% more than those with secondary education, while those who graduate from a professional career earn 163% more on average. Both values are well above the OECD average of 20% for higher-level technical programs and 44% for professional careers.

“Through various initiatives, MueveTP seeks to promote the continuity of studies and expand development opportunities for young people and their families. That is why we are confident that the creation of this new website, designed from the perspective of what young people seek and need to make the decision to access higher education, will be an important contribution so that they can choose better alternatives for their future,” concluded Fernanda Orellana.