"Out of the debate"

12 •  January •  2023

Letter from the Director of Education of the Luksic Foundation, María Fernanda Orellana, published in El Mercurio.

Letter published in El Mercurio newspaper on January 12, 2023.

Mr. Director:

It calls our attention that in the discussion about the 100 schools with the highest scores in the PAES we are not concerned that there is no technical-professional establishment in the list. We are leaving out of the public debate 36% of the enrollment in the fourth year of high school and making the expectations of their students invisible. We know that 73% of the 21 thousand students surveyed by our program ‘Aspirations for the Future’ in the 357 schools with which we work, express interest in continuing their studies in university or technical-professional higher education in the first year after graduation.

Until when do we leave out of the debate the expectations of secondary technical-vocational students?

María Fernanda Orellana, Director of Education Luksic Foundation