Winter Test: a great opportunity for TP secondary education

12 •  May •  2022
  • Next July 4 and 5, more than 33 thousand people will take the first Winter Transition Test in all regions of the country. A tool created to provide a new opportunity for those who wish to enter Higher Education.

Mr. Director: 

That more than 33 thousand men and women have enrolled in the winter Transition Test (PDT) is an excellent sign, which points to equal opportunities not only because 61% come from regions other than the Metropolitan Region, but also because almost two thirds are women.

At the same time, this tool increases the possibilities of early access to higher education for young people who graduate from high school and particularly for those who study in the Technical Professional modality, since it gives them greater flexibility to make compatible, for example, the option of doing their professional practices without having to wait a full year to enroll in this admission test.

It is important to point out that around 44% of students in secondary technical-professional education enter higher education in the first year of graduation. Eighteen percent make this decision in the second year and in the third year the percentage is even lower. This, while in the case of humanistic-scientific schools, the levels of entry to higher education in the first year exceed 60%.

In our country, the continuity of studies not only enhances the personal and professional trajectories of students, but also of their families. In MueveTP, an initiative promoted by the Luksic Foundation, we seek to promote that all young people, regardless of the type of educational establishment where they attend high school, can choose to continue studying. This is why the winter PDT, which will in the future be called the Higher Education Access Test (PAES in Spanish), is a tool that we welcome, as it supports this objective.

María Fernanda Orellana 

Executive Director of MueveTP

Letter published in: El Dínamo