MueveTP: more than 350 technical schools in Chile will participate in Aspirations for the Future

22 •  may •  2022

The initiative seeks to detect the motivations and barriers faced by young people to access higher education. Each student will receive a personalized letter with information about their careers of interest, while the schools will receive a report with specific recommendations to improve their students’ trajectories.

What factors motivate or limit the transition of young people from secondary technical-professional education to higher education? Answering this question is one of the main objectives of MueveTP’s Aspirations about the Future project of the Luksic Foundation, which seeks to provide useful and practical information to more than 20,000 students across the country so that they can make informed decisions about their future.

The invitation to participate in the project was extended to all professional technical and polyvalent schools in Chile. More than 350 establishments registered, where their students will answer a survey that addresses topics such as knowledge about the State’s student benefits such as Gratuidad, scholarships and credits, as well as the main barriers to continue studying.

Each student will receive a personalized letter with information about their careers of interest and a brochure with important milestones about the 2023 admission process, while the schools will have access to a report with the main results of the survey and a series of specific recommendations that will allow them to promote the continuity of studies in their students.

Enrollment in regions

On this occasion, the Aspirations for the Future project managed to attract 357 schools from all over Chile, a list led by the Metropolitan (100), Valparaíso (41) and Los Lagos (36) regions. These results were valued by María Fernanda Orellana, executive director of MueveTP: “We are pleased to be able to reach more than a third of the country’s technical-professional high schools with this initiative, since one of our objectives is precisely to provide tools to schools and students so that they can make informed decisions about their futures and realize that high school is not the end of their education, but can be the beginning of another stage”.

According to the enrollment of fourth-grade students in the schools participating in the project, it is expected that in its second version Aspirations for the Future will reach some 20,000 students who are finishing high school this year.

In this context, the director of the program highlighted the commitment of the schools to the future of their students, stating that “we have schools that have participated before and have seen positive changes in their students and their motivation to access higher education. To all of them, we thank them for joining the work of promoting better educational trajectories in young people, an objective that we share and promote in MueveTP”.

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