School Admission System 2022: how to apply and where to do it?

16 •  August •  2021
  • The admission process, which is aimed at enrolling students in public and private subsidized educational establishments, will be available until Wednesday, September 8 through the platform sistemadeadmisió

The School Admission System (SAE in Spanish), a web platform where parents can apply for students to all public and private subsidized educational establishments in the country, has already opened the application process for them to submit their applications for the new 2022 school year.

A guide with complete information on all the schools that receive state subsidies is available on the SAE’s web page, allowing to know their history, type of education, length of the school day, as well as a photo gallery by institution, among other elements.

When and how can I apply to the School Admission System?

The deadline to apply to the SAE began on Thursday, August 12 and will be extended until next Wednesday, September 8. You can apply through the web page www.sistemadeadmisió, registering as a parent or guardian and uploading the student’s data. Then, according to the preferences, you must choose the schools that best suit your interests and send the application. At the end, it is necessary to download the voucher.

Who can apply?

Students who are entering a public or subsidized school for the first time, who want to change schools, who are in a school that does not have continuity in the following year, who want to re-enter the educational system or who are currently in high school and want to continue in the same school or in another school may apply to the SAE. In addition, students who are in a special educational modality, and after being discharged, intend to continue in the regular modality, may send their applications.

How many schools can be added to the preference list?

A minimum of one school may be chosen in the following cases: if a student is currently enrolled in a school that offers continuity of studies or if the student is applying to a rural school. In the case of choosing two schools, this can be done if a student is entering the educational system for the first time or if the student’s current school does not offer continuity of studies.

Who is authorized to apply for a student?

The only person who can apply for a student is the parent, guardian, grandparent or tutor in charge of the student.

For more information about the School Admission System you can go to www.sistemadeadmisió, where you can start with the application to an educational establishment for the year 2022.