SJM together with Luksic Foundation have managed to support 180 migrant families during the pandemic

4 •  agosto •  2020

The Jesuit Migrant Service (SJM) is leading a comprehensive plan together with the Luksic Foundation through which it has been able to support hundreds of migrant and refugee families with a high rate of vulnerability in our country to face the crisis generated by the Covid-19.

One of the pillars of the plan is the delivery of humanitarian aid to migrants and today 180 families have benefited through food baskets and rent subsidies to prevent their evictions from the country.

In addition to the scarcity of resources, unemployment has also been a factor affecting the migrant population. This was the case of Miluska Zambrano, who has had to deal with the pressures of not having a source of work and supporting her family: “Since the pandemic began, I have been unemployed and it was really hard since I live alone with my daughter. Thanks to the economic support of the foundation I have been able to be calmer these months, and at least we do not lack food and we have been able to pay the rent. Today I am waiting for the situation to improve so that I can look for a job and continue fighting for a better future for my daughter.

Another pillar of this comprehensive plan is the socio-legal assistance, through the mobile application MigrApp, which had a very positive balance and closed last July with 1,500 people assisted.

“We are convinced that with more solidarity, we will become a better society. That is why we are proud to contribute to the tremendous work done by the Jesuit Migrant Service, supporting the families of migrants living in Chile who, without a doubt, are a contribution to this country”, commented Alvaro Ipinza, general manager of the Luksic Foundation.

The SJM explains that despite these difficult times, there are many migrants who want to stay in our country: “We have collaborated so that migrant families who want to return to their country can do so, but there are many more who want to stay because they have built their life here, and like everyone else, they are resisting in various ways with great resilience. Working together for the welfare of all, without making distinctions, will be the solid foundation we need to continue building a Chile of peace and welfare in the long term,” says Michelle Víquez, social director of the entity.

There is still a lot of work to be done and that is why Luksic Foundation joins SJM’s mission to promote and protect the dignity and human rights of migrants and refugees, especially the most excluded families, in order to give them a hand in these times of crisis.