Technical-professional high schools are invited to enroll in Aspirations for the Future 2023

17 •  mar •  2023

The program, part of the Luksic Foundation’s MueveTP initiative, aims to identify barriers and motivations that students from technical and professional high schools have when it comes to accessing higher education. All schools wishing to participate can register until March 24 at

Despite the fact that a large number of students in technical-professional high schools come from the lowest income deciles, only 4.8% of them are aware of the requirements to qualify for free tuition in higher education, a state benefit that allows students belonging to the lowest 60% of income brackets to access higher education institutions without having to pay tuition or fees during their entire career.

This was one of the data that emerged from Aspirations about the Future 2022, a project framed within the MueveTP initiative of the Luksic Foundation, which aims to learn about the motivations and barriers faced by students in the 4th year of EMTP when it comes to accessing higher education, in addition to providing key information about this process so that young people can make informed decisions about their future.

Benefits for students and high schools

In order to continue making progress in promoting the continuity of studies, MueveTP launched the third version of Aspirations for the Future, in which the more than 930 technical-vocational high schools in Chile can participate. Each student in IV° medio will receive a personalized letter with details about their careers of interest, employability rate, average income and the actual duration of the study programs, as well as a brochure with practical information about the 2024 admission process and the student benefits available.

For their part, the institutions that participate in Aspirations for the Future will receive a detailed report with the results obtained from a survey applied to students, which seeks to understand their level of knowledge about the higher education system. In addition, they will receive a document with specific recommendations to strengthen the continuity of studies within the educational community.

For María Fernanda Orellana, director of the Luksic Foundation’s Education area, “being able to provide students with personalized, useful and practical information about the process of accessing higher education is fundamental for them to be able to make informed decisions about their future and access better life trajectories”.

How to participate

To be part of the initiative, a representative of the high school must pre-register by completing an online form that will be available at until Friday, March 24. Subsequently, to formalize the registration, a team from the Luksic Foundation will contact the school, asking them to complete a form with specific information about the school and send a certificate of commitment and the list of students in 4th grade.