Three free programs to digitize entrepreneurs' businesses

25 •  Mayo •  2021

Sercotec and Corfo, both state agencies belonging to the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, offer online training in business education, so that entrepreneurs can incorporate the use of technology in their businesses and boost the growth of their Mipes and Pymes.


Increasing sales, having a greater reach and diversifying the customer portfolio are just some of the benefits of business digitalization, which is becoming increasingly necessary for the development and growth of micro, small and medium-sized companies. 

In times like the ones we are living today as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is even more convenient to have a presence in digital channels – websites and social networks – to stay connected with our target audiences. Being digitized means having more opportunities, optimizing time and resources, and improving productivity. 

In that line, understanding the importance of this step for the scaling of businesses, from the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, through Sercotec, has provided free online courses for the digitization of enterprises. 

Ruta Digital 

One of the trainings is in the platform, which offers different contents with the objective that entrepreneurs of micro and small companies incorporate and learn to manage different technologies.

Some of the business training courses are: Finance and Information Security; Marketing; Sales and Inventory; and Management and Collaboration, among others. To access the courses, applicants must be individuals or legal entities that have started their activities in the first category before the Internal Revenue Service. 

The steps to follow to complete the route to digitalization are:

  1. Register at
  2. Complete the initial diagnosis to know the digital status of the business. 
  3. Complete the online training courses.
  4. Take the final tests for each course. 
  5. At the end, you will obtain the certificates. 

Digitaliza tu Pyme

It is a program of the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, together with Sercotec and Corfo, in partnership with public and private entities, which aims to accompany and guide entrepreneurs in the digital transformation of their business, through workshops, events, training and tools.  

In you can find all the information to participate in the program, which is divided into three stages: first you have to understand the benefits of digitization, then learn about the resources and tools, and finally adopt and implement the knowledge and skills acquired in the different learning instances.  

As in the Ruta Digital, Digitaliza tu Pyme provides the opportunity to perform a ‘Digital Check-up’ for micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to know the level of digital maturity of their business and to start the digitization process in the right way. 

To register for this checkup, the business owner must enter their first and last name, an email address, the company’s business ID and its company name. The website also has a section called ‘agenda’, to review upcoming events available. 

Pymes en Línea 

It is part of the Digitaliza tu Pyme program, whose purpose is that smaller companies increase their sales, lower their costs and improve their relationship with customers and suppliers, using different digital technologies. 

Pymes en Línea offers a series of free training and benefits for businesses to scale and position themselves on the Internet. The online courses are presented in video format and are divided into categories such as introduction to e-commerce, sales platforms, digital marketing, logistics and shipping, and post-sales, among others. 

There are two alternatives to enter: with a unique password or Corfo user. If you do not have a profile, it can be created in a few minutes on the same website. At the end of each course, the entrepreneur will receive a virtual diploma.

In addition, the platform has a section called “Arriba tu Pyme” (Up with your SME), which brings together in one place offers of services at preferential prices or free of charge for users, with the aim of strengthening their businesses and increasing sales. 

The digital transformation of a business has multiple advantages, it is essential to adapt so that the company does not remain stagnant and can meet the expectations and requirements of customers, who every day, and especially before the Covid-19, prefer online shopping. 

Constantly learning about new technologies, such as applications to create eye-catching content, tools to make online shopping a pleasant experience for the user and maintain a channel of contact with the customer are skills that every entrepreneur must acquire, noting that many of these contents are available online and free of charge.